And More Praise for My Hero, Rush Limbaugh

In Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield writes:

Rush, The Fearless Warrior of the Conservative Counterculture Goes to His Rest

From Peter Parisi, at the Daily Signal of the Heritage Foundation:

After 30 years of listening, what I will miss the most about Rush.

When I receive more of these columns by various conservative writers, I will be adding them to this post going forward.  I understand that his brother, David Limbaugh, will be posting his thoughts next week, and I will be linking them here.  Every time I read one of these articles, I get tears in my eyes.  I think I’m going to be going around with red, swollen eyes for some time.  It is heartwarming to read all the expressions of admiration from so many people.  The radical Left may have thrown gallons of excrement at Rush, and they continue to do so; but it just makes them all look smaller, and more covered with their own hate.

3 thoughts on “And More Praise for My Hero, Rush Limbaugh

  1. D’Nanda Panda

    He smoothed out my working relationship with a physician’s assistant colleague early in my chaplaincy days. I remarked positively on the calendar and coffee mug on his office desk, with a “Megadittos, J!” His eyes lit up, and he asked, “Are you a dittohead?”

    When I replied affirmatively, he smiled, and walked down the hall. Later that day, he caught up with me to make a referral for a new patient – something he’d never done before. Rush paved the way for a wonderful, friendly working relationship for this newbie chaplain; I’ll never forget it.

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