Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 136: Subjects starting with the Letter “S”

So…..  In a month characterized by a nationwide Snow Storm, that left Streets Slippery with Snow and ice, where do we begin?

How about with a triple-S photo:  Song Sparrow in the Snow, taken just last week.


And how about his Snow-buddy, our Squirrel?


From a prior year, a Snowy Street, right in front of our house.  It looks black-and-white, but that photo is in color.


In Victoria, BC, a Seaplane at Sunset.

Harbour Air Plane landing at Sunset, Victoria Inner Harbour

And also in Victoria, a Sailing Ship at the dock.

Water taxi, and tall ship. Victoria Inner Harbour

I have always loved the Seashore.  Here are my favorites, on opposite coasts of the United States.

Straits of Juan De Fuca, on the coast of Washington State, the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge:

Rocks sand surfDungeness Spit

And at Cape May, New Jersey.


Flock from afar
Mixed flock of shorebirds, Cape May

The Skagit River and Skagit Valley are about a half-hour north of our house.  Swans!


After my cruises to Hawaii and Alaska, I did a post on “Sea and Sky“, from the deck of a cruise Ship:

Sea-sky 7-17Sea-and-skyJuly26Sea-and-sky-July25LeavingHilo2Sea-and-sky-0728

One of our favorite local spots is Snoqualmie Falls, on the Snoqualmie River.  Top photo is in the autumn, bottom photo in the Spring.


Snoqualmie Falls

It seems that we are Simply Surrounded with Subjects Starting with the letter “S”.

Link to original post.

7 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 136: Subjects starting with the Letter “S”

  1. Quite a selection indeed! As a former Jersey girl I must say I’d not seen a photo like yours before which really emphasizes the Shape of the Shoreline – that’s really well done. Also really loved your Snowy Scenes.

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