Dispatch from the People’s Cesspool of Seattle-Updated

Welcome, once again, to the Cesspool that Seattle (formerly the Emerald City) has become.  On the “Homeless” front, we have two stories today.  First:

Seattle to set up homeless shelters in Downtown and Belltown hotels.  Seattle is spending their taxpayers’ money to house their increasingly large homeless population in hotels.  I wonder whether that will reduce the number of tents in Seattle parks.

Next:  Seattle homeless shelter buys heroin pipes with city funds...  Gotta keep those poor homeless addicts, addicted and happy.  Why does it seem to me that the City government of Seattle cares more about its bums than its taxpayers?  Maybe, because they do!  Here’s a quote from the article:

Officials with Seattle’s Human Services Department (HSD) won’t directly respond to concerns over the advice or use of funds. But they do back the methods because it “reflects the varying needs of those experiencing homelessness in Seattle.”

Next, more businesses leave Seattle.  Funny, the employees of businesses in Pioneer Square aren’t happy about having to dodge the homeless tents, aggressive panhandlers, and the human feces on the streets, on their way in to work.  And here’s another take on that story, with some additional information.

And, an interesting story about a drug bust in Pioneer Square, the old-Seattle neighborhood from the previous stories.  At one time, wealthy people were buying expensive condos in the neighborhood, which has numerous beautiful old buildings being converted to residences.  Since the old Alaskan Way Viaduct was torn down, the neighborhood has a great view of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains to the west.

Why can’t we come together?  Seattle still reeling from year of violent protests.  Seattle, being Seattle, in spite of its residents.

And on the Covid Shutdown front, Seattle schools have to delay re-opening to in-person instruction.  Why?  Three guesses and the first two don’t count.  The Teacher’s Union is holding Seattle kids hostage to their irrational fears of catching the Wuhan Coronavirus from the kids.  The Union refuses to “listen to the Science”, which has been saying for months that Kids are NOT susceptible to the virus, and DO NOT spread it to each other or to school staff!  They are enjoying their vacation from teaching, at full salary, of course.  Well, maybe this is a good thing, if it causes more parents to pull their children out of the Leftist Indoctrination Centers that pass for public schools.

2 thoughts on “Dispatch from the People’s Cesspool of Seattle-Updated

  1. “Why does it seem to me that the City government of Seattle cares more about its bums than its taxpayers?”

    What is in order to show how righteous and caring people they are deep down inside, RB, for 200.

  2. Percival

    So reflecting the varying needs of those experiencing homelessness in Seattle means free junk for the junkies?

    Where do they find these people? Not the junkies. Free junk for the junkies means you’ll never run out of junkies. I mean the mental midgets that come up with these “ideas.”

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