The economy is poised for a roaring comeback, except…

The Wall Street Journal tells us that many people in America are still “reluctant to travel”, so leaving the leisure and hospitality areas of society still in bad shape.  And why, pray tell, might so many people still be reluctant to leave the safety of their living-rooms?  Maybe because all day, every day, the Press is still telling us that “Local health officials say we need to be cautious about reopening“.  The Press can’t do even one story about the good news of the Wuhan Coronavirus retreating due to people being vaccinated and populations acquiring ‘herd immunity”, without the big BUT at the end, imploring us to be Careful, and Cautious, and Wear Masks, and Socially Distance because the virus might come back!

We know why Government and the Health Nazis want to keep everyone fearful and cautious-that’s the way they maintain absolute power over us.  But does the Press have to help them so much?  I guess so, since the Press in the public-affairs arm of the Leftist DemocRats in our country.

Well, we the People are becoming might tired of wearing masks, and treating every other person like the Angel of Death.  We need  to stand up, and tell the Health Nazis to stuff their “social distance”!  Tear off that mask, go out, and live your lives, People!

Let’s be like these parents and kids in Idaho!  Burn those masks!

2 thoughts on “The economy is poised for a roaring comeback, except…

  1. In my adopted hometown, Chiang Rai, nCOVID-19 made almost no impact – ever- on how people live their lives. As I type this, I am on Koh Lipe island in the Andaman Sea and there is no evidence here either of a worldwide pandemic.

    The American communists in league with their Chinese masters have taken out the only man (for savage readers in Rio Linda that would be former President Donald J. Trump) who had the brass monkeys to defeat the Communist Party of China in battle for worldwide hegemony.

  2. I think it has more to do with being unsure if you’ll be allowed to do anything when you get to your destination.

    I haven’t been to Des Moines except with my husband in the last six months, because there’s no reason other than him wanting a hand. Use to be, I’d go in when I got the car’s oil changed, or I’d take the kids to the zoo at least once a month, and shopping at costco…..

    can’t do masks, so can’t do any of that.

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