Bill Gates does not have your best interests at heart

Due to his founding of Microsoft Corp. with Paul Allen, Bill Gates is a very wealthy, and increasingly powerful man.  His Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has done some very good work around the world.  However, Mr. Gates has an imperfect history, that should make you very wary of believing much of what he is saying and advocating today.   Microsoft and Mr. Gates did NOT develop the original MS-DOS operating system; they bought the software program from its originator, and added to it over the years.  Mr. Gates and Microsoft did NOT develop Windows either, they bought it and improved and extended it over the years.  What Bill Gates is best at, is Marketing.  For all of his career, the college dropout did not originate, build, or write any software, but he was sure good at Marketing.

And that Marketing ability enabled him to run in very highfalutin’ circles.  His Foundation has engaged in valuable work worldwide, vaccinating children in many poor countries, for endemic diseases like measles, rubella, and malaria.  Through that Foundation, Gates meets with heads of state all over the world, and becomes friends with them, allowing him to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where wealthy corporations and politicians meet to decide how the world will be run.  Gates is also a large funder of the corrupt World Health Organization, which has been proven to be a captive of the Chinese Communist Party.  Gates’s wealth allows him access to the corporations who make vaccines, and his donations buy shares and patents.  So he has a built-in conflict of interest.  Beware wealthy Leftists bearing Vaccines.  Especially when they advocate policies based on faulty models.

One thought on “Bill Gates does not have your best interests at heart

  1. boyces15

    Thank goodness someone else realized he is only good at marketing. I’ve been saying that for decades and people look at me like I’m crazy.

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