If Carbon Dioxide is a Pollutant…

Then why hasn’t the government outlawed carbonated beverages? Big drinks companies like Coca Cola and Pepsico use large quantities of CO2 daily in making your Diet Coke. And when you open a can of Coke or Pepsi, some of the CO2 escapes. Why haven’t they forbidden SodaStream to sell its machines in the US? Their machines allow the home user to make his own carbonated beverages, with numerous flavors available. How do they let ordinary consumers use that polluting product?

For that matter, each and every human being on the planet exhales CO2 all day, every day. YOU are a polluter! Why don’t governments simply outlaw human beings? [maybe because they’d have to outlaw themselves!]

Here are some Scientific, Provable Facts:

Plants live on Carbon Dioxide. [Have you noticed the profusion of plant life in the vicinity of every big highway? Plants just love all the CO2 put out by all those cars] Without CO2 in the atmosphere, all the plants, and trees would die! How can CO2 be a Pollutant, when the plants live on it, and would die without it?

The Earth and everything on it, are heavily made of Carbon. The environmentalists are always talking about “carbon taxes”, as if Carbon, a Basic Element, were a bad thing! You are Made of Carbon! If Carbon is bad, then so are you, and so are the environmentalists!

All animals exhale CO2. All the animals on earth exhale that plant-life-sustaining gas, Carbon Dioxide. Those crazy environmental wackos who are always going on about eating less “animal products”, might just be causing harm if there are fewer animals around to exhale CO2!

So if some environmental wacko tries to tell you to reduce any of your activities because they cause “greenhouse gases” which are harming “the planet”, suggest to them that they could “assume room temperature” to avoid all the CO2 they exhale all day. With all the garbage they spew, they are causing more harm to the planet than you are!

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