My cat loves me

My black cat, Kikyo, loves being with me.  Since I have been retired, I have spent a lot of time writing my blog, in my computer room on the second floor of our house.  I usually do this when I wake up, and get dressed in the morning.  Her normal behavior is meowing to be fed, even though Hubby already fed her earlier.  Last week, once she had quieted down since I told her she wouldn’t get fed, I wrote my blog, and got ready to go downstairs for breakfast.  I looked down and saw her.


There she was, in her “legless position”, on the floor next to the desk!  She just wanted to be with me, and my heart overflowed with joy.  She is so beautiful, and soft.

This week, I am still writing my blog.  I think this will get to be a normal occurrence.


This is yesterday.  It’s really hard to see which portion of her is where!  And then, just now.


Yep, that’s her new spot.  I just love my beautiful kitty.

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