Conservatives support voter suppression

Conservatives are in support of the suppression of Illegal Alien voters.  Conservatives support suppression of Dead voters.  Conservatives support the suppression of Voters from the incorrect precinct or Congressional District.  Conservatives are in favor of the suppression of Voters who vote twice or more. (all of which groups Democrats encourage to vote)

Conservatives have never supported, nor engaged in, so-called “voter suppression” of minority voters, and the Left knows that.  Yet they continually accuse Republicans and Conservatives of voter suppression, when THEY are the ones suppressing the votes and the voices of Conservatives.

One thought on “Conservatives support voter suppression

  1. America is too stupid to live. R> leads the way to cultural suicide by de-platforming conservative writers brave enough to expose the true nature of America’s woke Ruling Class.

    P.S. If you love (what is left of) your freedom, thank a vet before spitting on him.

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