Some information, and helpful advice for my Asian-American friends

By now, most everyone is familiar with the tragic shootings in Atlanta last week.  An obviously mentally-ill young man, who was worried that the massage parlors he hit were contributing to his “sex addiction”, went to more than one such business in the Atlanta area, and killed eight employees, most of whom were of Asian descent.  As we have come to expect, the so-called “Press”, through their inaccurate and inflammatory reporting, made the crimes sound like “hate crimes”, where the assailant went after his victims because they were Asian.

The press made the crimes, which were awful in themselves, sound like they were aimed at Asians in a discriminatory manner.  This was emphatically NOT the case here, but all the members of the press, including the Wall Street Journal, are painting this like an anti-Asian crime, when it was not.  Many groups of Asians in most big cities have been demonstrating in the streets, with their signs saying “Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes”.


The killer was not anti-Asian, nor a White Supremacist, nor a Fascist (although the organization behind that sign might be more of a fascist).  The Leftist narrative pushed by the Leftist press has decided that any killing of anyone non-white must be a hate crime.  Don’t you believe it, my Asian friends, because the facts to not support it.

Now, there are some groups in American society today, who are anti-Asian, but it may not be who you think.  One of the groups that has been anti-Asian for a very long time is Blacks in America.  The black “community” has been anti-Asian for many, many years.  Remember the LA riots years ago?  Many of the victims of that rioting were Korean-American shopkeepers.  The black community in most big cities has resented their Asian neighbors for years, for their crime of being successful.  Many Asians are small businessmen, owning and running their little shops in inner cities; their whole families work in the business, and they save up their money to send their children to college, so they can get ahead in life.  Blacks, whose inner-city culture often considers their members who study hard and work two jobs, to be “not black”, or “oreos”.  Blacks resent Asians out of envy, when they could be doing just like the Asians and better themselves.  Asians have a culture of education, hard work, and achievement which, sadly, is not present in many black communities. Asians are the group which is living the real American Dream.

And just now, a story emerges to confirm my thoughts.  A San Francisco School Board Member is fighting calls for her to resign, over old tweets denigrating Asian-Americans.  Funny, but she is black.  Read the story, and tell me this does not apply.

When the Asian kids are ready to go to college, with their excellent grades and extracurricular activities, they encounter the second group in American society who are anti-Asian.  That would be White Leftists.  They are the ones who run the Ivy-league universities which have been discriminating against Asians in admissions; making them meet higher standards than other students.  They are the ones who were being sued by the Trump Justice Department for discriminating against Asians and Whites.  And, isn’t it just funny, that the Biden Justice Department has dropped that lawsuit, thus indicating their support for Anti-Asian Discrimination in college admissions.

So, my Asian friends, if you want a group to be angry at for discriminating against you, I suggest that you direct your ire toward the Biden Administration.  By the way, the Republicans in Congress are not very happy that the administration dropped the lawsuit, because they believe that it is wrong for the Ivy League to discriminate against the demonstrably best-and-brightest in our society today.  I stand with my Asian friends as they attempt to stop the real discrimination against them.

14 thoughts on “Some information, and helpful advice for my Asian-American friends

  1. RBabe, I fear cancel culture is going to come down on your head like a ton of bricks if you keep telling these inconvenient truths.

    Blacks do not want to comprehend why it is that new minority immigrant groups keep rising out of poverty in one or two generations.

    Why is America’s so-called systemic racism so effective against blacks and American Indians yet so ineffective against other races?

    Would you mind re-blogging this on my site, por favor? We embrace conspiracy theories and controversy.

  2. P.S. When I mention blacks in this context I am only talking about Afro-Americans who can trace their family history to US slavery. I have written on various forums about my black friends from Central and South America who get along quite well here and are somewhat befuddled by Afro-Americans lack of success in the US of A.

      1. Judy Campbell

        As far as I know, WordPress doesn’t seem to be taking part in cancel culture, but maybe I am just not paying enough attention? We shall see.

      2. Judy Campbell

        Wow, that is so disappointing. I heard on tv yesterday that President Trump is going to start some kind of social media company? I had a feeling that he would do something like that.

  3. accordion2ray

    Asian Americans are natural allies of the Republican party and American conservatives. I sympathize with the many who remain with the Dems, but the Dems are pushing them away and have been taking them for granted for years.

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