Will there ever be real Good News regarding the Wuhan Coronavirus?

It seems to me that, whenever you see a headline in the “Press” about Wuhan Coronavirus restrictions on the productive economy, there is always, ALWAYS a catch.  Those who wish to control the population and rule by decree forever, appear to always find something to be wary or fearful about.  Hey, People, Washington is now in Phase Three of pandemic restrictions, BUT…  See these headlines from just today on the KOMO Seattle Web site.

Will Covid-19 fade away, OR linger forever?

Covid-19: Washington moves to Phase 3 as FEARS of fourth wave, rollback linger.

Bars, restaurants, and gyms back at 50% capacity as state moves to Phase 3.  Here is a quote from this article.

Movie theaters can operate at 50 percent capacity, but indoor theaters and performing arts venues were not updated out of Phase 2, according to the state re-opening plan.

Dictator Jay Inslee retains tight control of the state, making decisions daily that put small businesses closer to bankruptcy.  This article also says that, in Seattle, 265 businesses have closed since the start of One-man Rule in the state of Washington.  Inslee regularly decides which businesses in the state live or die.

The State, and its Captive Press are in the business of demoralizing the people of Washington State, making them into fearful Slaves to Government.  And the worst part of it is the People of Washington State do not rise up and revolt, they just sit and take it. I am ashamed of my fellow Washingtonians.

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