Seattle being ruined by its own actions, and by the Health Nazis

All the stories courtesy of the KOMO-Seattle Web site.

Let’s start with the ever-growing homelessness crisis in the city.  Seattle has a policy, when dealing with homeless people (or, in their ridiculous phrasing “people experiencing homelessness”), to offer them services, but never require them to accept those services.  Of course, the vast majority of Seattle’s homeless refuse the proffered services, and remain on the street.  They do this because they like not having too many “rules”, and the ability to sell and use drugs and guns with relative impunity; both of which activities generate a fairly large amount of money for them to live on.

Homeless encampment near Capitol Hill middle school grows, while city faces questions.  The article is full of the expected “weasel-words and phrases”, with the city refusing to commit to remove the homeless encampment before the kids go back to in-person school.  The city government is ready to put kids at risk, but not willing to remove the homeless encampment near the school.

Homeless encampments at some Seattle parks puts Little League sports in a bind.  You don’t say!  Who’s more important? The kids of Seattle taxpayers, or the homeless.  Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

And now, for news from the Health Nazi front.

Second Seattle cruise season wiped out as CDC extends cruise ban to Nov. 1.  Seattle makes millions of dollars from the many cruise lines that start in Seattle for cruises to Alaska.  So do all the port cities in Alaska where those ships stop.  Destroyed by the Health Nazis in Washington DC.

One year ago: Scenes from Seattle-a Ghost Town.  Hundreds of Seattle businesses have closed for good, due to the edicts of Dictator Jay Inslee in Olympia.  The pictures very carefully avoid the boarded-up and graffiti-scarred storefronts, reflecting not only the pandemic restrictions, but the destruction of the Antifa riots last summer.  Seattle is becoming unlivable.

Over 50 infected in Covid-19 outbreak in King County jail.

New sense of urgency as more in Washington set to become eligible for Covid-19 vaccine.  It has been very difficult to find a vaccine, even for us old folks.

Welcome to the Cesspool of Seattle.

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