A big shout-out to the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando

Yes, that’s her real name! At her Web site, Kim discusses all things digital. And you can see that she really does resemble her nickname! Today, I am thanking Kim from the bottom of my aging heart. When I first discovered her radio show, in the early 2000s, I subscribed to her weekly newsletters. In those newsletters, every single week, at least once there would be an article containing the words “Facebook Scam”. That made me think that perhaps it would not be a good idea to have a Facebook account, so I would not be subject to all the scams.

I am an old lady, now retired, with no children or grandchildren to communicate with. I have been essentially kicked out of my family, for many of the views expressed here on my blog, so I have little need for Facebook. I show my readers my photography, both in the weekly photo challenges, and just when I feel like it. I communicate my incendiary political views right here too, and I have yet to be de-platformed or slimed by any leftist mobs. I post over on Ricochet.com also, sometimes copying over my posts here.

A few years ago, I did a post here entitled “Why I am not on Facebook or Twitter”, and today that post is more pertinent than ever. Given the rise of the “Cancel Culture”, I think that my decision so long ago to keep off social media has stood me in good stead.

So, a big Thank You to Kim Komando, who convinced me not to have a presence on the social media that today are the most pernicious censors of conservative thought and speech on the Internet. Kim Saved Me!

4 thoughts on “A big shout-out to the Digital Goddess, Kim Komando

  1. kayofmt

    Glad to know I have company staying off social media. Long ago, even before Ricochet I got off FaceBook, and had only been on for a few months. However, if I said anything anti socialist, my account would be frozen and it would not let me respond to anyone. So closed my account and have not joined any other social media.

    So glad I have you to share my thoughts with and you to share your great accumulations of ideas with me.

  2. I, too, have always avoided social media, though I admit to having a limited Nextdoor account for gardening and home repair info. I studiously avoid anything remotely political on there by hiding those posts. Re Kim Komando – Found out last year that she is married to a fellow high school alumnus of mine 🙂 Have always loved her show and enjoy your blog 🙂

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