The expected humanitarian crisis on the US Southern Border


If you voted for the elderly, dementia-plagued Joe Biden, you are partially responsible for the horrific unfolding humanitarian crisis on our Southern border with Mexico.  It is widely known that the DemocRat party intended to throw the border wide open, so all those new voters could cross unimpeded.  Today, everyone is aware of how that policy is turning out.  Every day, we see new stories about the human smugglers, in broad daylight and at night, are conveying the desperate illegal aliens across the Rio Grand River and into Texas and Arizona.  Here is just a sampling of news reports.

over the wall

Texas migrant facility “pod” at nearly 9X capacity.  This report contains video taken by a Senator.  An example of what they saw.


Human smugglers shout at [Senator] Cruz.

Associated Press tells reporters not to call border “crisis”.  Their minions in the so-called press are running interference for them all day long.  What you read in the press is what you believe.  Do Not Believe one word of any “news” report on the border crisis, because it is all lies.

Biden admin handling of border crisis a “slap in the face”.  Dem mayor of border city not too happy with how the crisis is being handled.

US border officials say migrant crisis at border getting worse.  You don’t say!

We hear of the government possibly flying illegal aliens from the southern border to the northern border for processing.  We also hear of illegal aliens pouring into our country, not being tested for the Wuhan Coronavirus, and possibly spreading this contagious disease to law-abiding Americans.

So, my Fellow Americans, the new Biden-Harris Regime is demonstrating what they think about you.  They are opening our southern border to a flood of destitute, unskilled illegals, who will steal your identity, take your jobs, and  maybe spread disease to you and your neighbors.  They will be reliable votes for DemocRats for the foreseeable future, by design.

Biden Invited Them In.  On Your Dime.  And without Borders, you do not have a Country.

2 thoughts on “The expected humanitarian crisis on the US Southern Border

  1. accordion2ray

    If they think they can avoid dealing with this crisis by not calling it a crisis, they are prolonging the inevitable and are mistaken. The border news has been in the top three news items everyday for weeks. They just prolonged dealing with the crisis by failing to clarify Kamala would not be taking on the point position for days after Old Joe announced that she would. I’m fairly sure she must have gone to BHO to seek an override of Joe’s possibly premature announcement.

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