Hey, YouTube! Don’t Be Evil. STOP the censorship!

Most of us are well aware that YouTube, its parent, Google, and other Big Tech companies have been quite blatant about their censorship of non-leftist voices.  Those voices include doctors, scientists, and politicians who don’t toe the Leftist, Government-approved line.  An especially egregious example of this censorship took place recently.  An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by one of the people censored describes what took place.  Dr. Jay Battacharya writes:

I attended a public-policy roundtable hosted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis last month.  The point was to discuss the state’s Covid policies in the months ahead….My fellow panelists–Sunetra Gupta of Oxford[University in the UK], Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, and Scott Atlas of Stanford-discussed a variety of  topics.  One was the wisdom of requiring children to wear masks.  The press asked questions, and a video of the event was posted on YouTube by local media, including Tampa’s WTSP.

But last week YouTube removed a recording of this routine policy discussion from its website.  The company claimed my fellow panel members and I were trafficking in misinformation. The company said it removed the video “because it included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19”

Yet the panelists are all experts, and all spoke against requiring children to wear masks.  I can’t speak for my counterparts, but my reasoning was a cost-benefit analysis.  The benefits of masking children are small to none; the costs are much higher….

The WHO recommends against masking children five and under and only tepidly recommends masking children between six and eleven [years old].  My reading of the same evidence comes down definitively against masking children up to eleven.  My colleagues in the round table agreed; so do many other doctors, scientists, and epidemiologists.  This sort of disagreement based on the weight of evidence is common in scientific policy; I place an enormous value on children flourishing….

YouTube’s action violates basic standards of scientific conduct.  The company labeled our discussion on masking children as “misinformation” without providing any detail about its scientific reasoning [last time I checked, YouTube is not a scientific body in any way]..If YouTube wants to argue that we were wrong, it has an obligation to show its evidence.

Even worse, YouTube’s censorship runs contrary to American norms of free expression.  It serves only to blind the public on a topic of intense interest; Americans have a right to know the contours of the Covid-19 debate.  YouTube may have a legal right to censor a public hearing featuring the Florida governor.  But companies with such tremendous power over the flow of information should adopt more responsible editorial standards in its censorship decisions.  Or better, not censor at all.

Do you remember when Google’s motto was “Don’t Be Evil”?  I do.  They have obviously dropped that motto, in favor of a new policy.  WE decide what information YOU will see.  WE decide what is misinformation, because you are too stupid to know, and way too stupid to make your own decisions.

My advice to my readers and followers is: Quit Using Google and YouTube.  They are EVIL.

4 thoughts on “Hey, YouTube! Don’t Be Evil. STOP the censorship!

  1. “WE decide what information YOU will see. WE decide what is misinformation, because you are too stupid to know, and way too stupid to make your own decisions.”

    Substitute WE for R>’s TPTB and it still holds water. Those who refuse to submit to the will of TPTB are unceremoniously de-platformed with maximum prejudice.

    Point being for those of you in Rio Lindo, it is being done everywhere.

  2. accordion2ray

    No, they want to stop you from being evil. Their mantra doesn’t actually mean to do any good. It’s more of a passive doctrine to preserve some mythical beautiful state of living. They want to pretend that they are living in a state of grace. Words and actions alone do not lead to grace.

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