HumInt (human intelligence) Works

The term “HumInt” is from the Intelligence world, and it means intelligence gathered firsthand, by a person or persons on the ground.  It often signifies people who infiltrate terrorist groups, cults, or other kinds of groups who may be causing trouble for society.  Recently, it was discovered by a very dangerous group of real “domestic terrorists”, that their group has been infiltrated by law-enforcement.

The group in question is called AntiFa, signifying their belief that they are “anti-Fascist”.  In reality, they ARE the Fascists, looting, burning, and destroying various government buildings and retail establishments at street level in their rage.

Correspondent Andy Ngo, who has been targeted by AntiFa, wrote an article in the Free Speech publication The Epoch Times, about how AntiFa has been infiltrated.  It seems that a member of the group has been arrested in Portland, Oregon, and charged with multiple felonies.  This article has all the details, and they are VERY interesting.  Andy Ngo says it looks like AntiFa members may be in a mild state of panic, aware that someone among them is a “snitch”, and wondering on their social media accounts just who the informer might be.  Let’s hope that AntiFa becomes VERY afraid of the informer in their ranks, and disintegrates in accusations, panic, and paranoia.  It couldn’t happen to a more destructive group.  May they be too worried about who the infiltrator is to engage in their normal rioting and mayhem.

Also, I urge all my followers to read, and to support The Epoch Times, a publication originally started in Hong Kong, and now branched out to the US.  The publish The Truth about current events, and they deserve the support of the public in their endeavors.

8 thoughts on “HumInt (human intelligence) Works

  1. HumInt is dangerous work that the Carter Administration basically did away with in favor of a more ‘sanitary’ SigInt only. It is fantastic to see someone has the brass monkeys in government to do HumInt once again and more importantly that someone’s higher command has given him permission to do his job.

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