Do you remember the “motto” of the United States of America?  It it printed on the US Dollar bill.  It is:

E Pluribus Unum

The US motto is in a language that most people don’t know any more, which is Latin.  It means “Out of Many, One”. That means that every Citizen of the United States owes allegiance to the United States, regardless of where they came from, when they came, what color their outer integument is, or who their ancestors were.  The motto means that, when you come to America, you throw off the shackles of your previous homeland, and become an American.  Somehow, that principle seems to have been abandoned.  Instead of our Country being a melting-pot land of Americans, it has become a “salad bowl” of various ethnicities, colors, homelands, languages, sexual orientations, and religions.  These days, it is popular for many people to hyphenate their “American” with their homeland or color. And the qualification becomes the First Word.  American always comes second.

The two words in my title above are quite similar.  They both have connotations of difference, division, separateness, and separation.  From the very beginning of the so-called “Diversity and Inclusion” (which are opposites!) movement, I have wondered why people say that “diversity is our strength”.  That statement is verifiably False.  The entire movement has had the effects on Society of Separating people, instead of drawing them together.  The constant harping on “diversity” has proven to be destructive of community, goodwill, and togetherness.  If we are supposed to celebrate our diversity, why do the Leftists who push this destructive claptrap encourage different Groups to hate each other?  Why do all the modern-day Diversity Consultants insist on the group that is still in the majority in America (those of European descent) flagellating itself, and punishing themselves for characteristics that they Do Not Possess?  And, funny, many of those “diversity consultants” are White.

Why does Robin DeAngelo, the author of the disgusting book White Fragility, not flagellate Herself?  Why does she not give the millions of dollars she earns every year to the Marginalized Groups she celebrates?  Maybe because her entire reason for being, is a Big Fat Lie.  It is really unifying, to urge a group of people in the most prosperous country in the world to hate themselves.

The whole “anti-racism” movement has been extremely divisive, instead of inclusive.  Just this week, a couple of exclusive private schools in New York, which have been pushing this destructive garbage on their students and parents, have received some pushback.  Parents are objecting to their children being taught to hate themselves, to consider everyone with their skin color to be racists and evil. A blog I follow called The Naked Dollar, has been closely following the events at the Dalton School, where the Head has been imposing the anti-racist curriculum on the students.

Dalton parents push back.  Very interesting post.  I admire the blogger for informing us about this.

Heads begin to roll at Dalton, but don’t be fooled.  The author describes how the head of “diversity and inclusion” is leaving the school, due to pushback by parents.

And, just today over at Fox News, the Head of the school has resigned, and will be leaving at the end of this school year.  Here is how he describes what he has accomplished at The Dalton School.

He listed “attracting and supporting a historically diverse student body, assembling a historically diverse faculty, staff, and Leadership Team; reenvisioning and reinvigorating curricula in science, math, world and classical languages, physical education and athletics; advancing an ambitious Diversity, Equity & Inclusion mission.”

Sounds like a bunch of trash to me.  Just how does this “diversity” help students learn to be competent adults?  Not much emphasis on actual student learning English, math, science, geography, or philosophy.  No mention of National Merit Scholarships or admissions to good colleges.

Also on Fox News, parents of kids at the exclusive Brearley School, are being required to participate in the divisive claptrap.  One parent got sick of it, pulled his daughter out of the school, and sent an angry letter to the school authorities about it.  From the Fox News article:

The school now requires at least one parent/guardian to participate in “required anti-racist training and ongoing reflection,” and the application form requires parents to “share how your family values align with the School’s commitment,” according to documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

And here’s a small quote from the Dad’s letter to the school:

“These sessions, in both their content and delivery, are so sophomoric and simplistic, so unsophisticated and inane, that I would be embarrassed if they were taught to Brearley kindergarteners,” Gutmann wrote.

The people pushing this Divisive Narrative are the Left.  For over 50 years, the Left has had de-facto control of the entire education system in the United States, from kindergarten through college.  The Public School System is captive to the Leftist Teachers’ Unions, and throughout the entire K-12 system, children are being indoctrinated with Leftist propaganda, and not taught the exciting history of their very unusual country.  Our children are learning in school that their country was evil from the beginning, due to its immediate persecution of the Native Americans who were here when they arrived. They are being taught that our country began in 1619, when the first slave ship arrived from Africa, and not in 1776 when we declared independence from Britain.  They are being taught that Slavery has Defined their Country from the beginning, and that they should suffer for it now.  The Left knows that, if they want to retain absolute Power, they need the people to be divided against each other, with each race or group made to think that they are the most downtrodden and need of help from the Almighty State.

So the Left pushes their Narrative, that all “black and brown” people are persecuted, oppressed, and denied their rightful rewards from society.  They are taught that they are perpetual Victims, who cannot help themselves.  They are taught that all White people are “White Supremacists” whose only desire is to trample on the “civil-rights” of the oppressed groups.  Blacks and other minorities are taught that Whites and Asians are artificially privileged in society, and must be taken down for them to get any privilege for themselves.  So the race-hustlers can come in with their “diversity training”, and insist that Whites give up their privilege, their power, and even their jobs; so that the black and brown downtrodden can be successful.

In Colleges now, the Black students are demanding, and getting, separate Dorms, Classes, lunch rooms, and even separate Commencement ceremonies.  Remember Jim Crow?  Well, in our modern America, the BIPOC (black indigenous people of color) people are making their very own Jim Crow.  I remember in high school in 1966, when Seattle started its “voluntary busing” program, the exchange of students between our (relatively white) school and a school in the Central District whose student body was heavily black.  I remember being in the lunchroom, and seeing all the black students at one table, not mixing with the rest of us.  I was sad that they did not seem to want to get to know us.  Eventually, they started mixing more, and I had a couple of great friends who were black.  People basically like us, only a different wrapping on the outside.

The most divisive way of thought, called “Critical Race Theory”, is taking over in America, and being adopted by everyone from the Federal Government, to big corporations, to state and local governments.  This theory is malevolent in its intent, and destructive of everything America stands for.  Its main assumption is that, in all of life, the Most Important Characteristic of any person or group is Race.  Everything in life comes back to Race, and individual people are only seen as whatever their race is.  Their actual behavior or accomplishments mean nothing, next to their Race.  This theory says that all people of any given race are exactly alike in their behavior and upbringing, and can only be responded to in terms of Race.  This cultural phenomenon assumes that the dominant race is all alike, Privileged, and basically incorrigible.  The CRT/Diversity trainers require whites to denounce their race, their history, and themselves.  The so-called trainers are hosting “struggle-sessions”, very like those which were required in Communist China during the 1960s “Cultural Revolution”.

Race-hustlers encourage the public to think that Blacks are always in danger from Whites, especially White policemen.  They have spread the false narrative of “unarmed Black men” in the inner cities, preyed-upon by evil White Policemen (and women).  What the mainstream media and Black organizations are not telling you is that, in relation to their numbers in the population, the most crimes committed against Black men are committed by other Black men.  Those crimes are ignored by the media, in their propagation of their false narrative.  Here’s a good graphic illustration of the Real Numbers involved.

Here are two even better graphics, which illustrate the relations of number of crimes, by race. Probably not what you might have expected.

And then, there’s this one.  The arrow points to a tiny dot of a lighter color.

The Black Lives Matter movement, which came to prominence when Missouri teenager Michael Brown, who had just robbed a convenience store, resisted arrest and was shot by a white policeman.  That police shooting of a black teenager who was taller and bulkier than the police officer, and who tried to wrest the officer’s gun from him, began a wave of city riots in “protest” of the shooting of an “unarmed black teenager”.  The media narrative about the white police officer shooting that unarmed black kid fed the flames of rioting all over America in 2014, when it occurred, and those flames continue to this day.  The names of the cities damaged by rioting are legion: Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, New York, Los Angeles.  And here’s an excellent article on the blog of American Thinker today.  Riots coming to wealthier neighborhoods.

BLM is a Marxist organization, which has benefited mightily from all the mayhem in support, supposedly, of the downtrodden black community.  Their goals are the destruction of capitalism, and the nuclear family.  Their fund-raising has not benefited one of the black business owners whose establishments were burned and looted in all the riots.  Their fundraising, however, has benefited their Officers in a big way.  One of their co-founders has defended her purchase of multiple expensive homes, some in ritzy vacation areas.  I imagine some of those black business owners would ask how those purchases benefit them.  And this, from someone who calls for the destruction of the capitalism that enabled those nice homes to be built, and that co-founder to buy them!

I assume that everyone knows the most important saying of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr, the Civil Rights leader who stood out in the 1960s, in his famous “I have a dream” speech.  Here is the most-remembered line from that famous speech in 1963:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

How the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Critical Race Theory movement, and the various Race Hustlers in America have desecrated the Dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.!  How the Left has trampled on the memory of that great Civil Rights Leader, by their looting, burning, rioting, and destruction in city centers and black neighborhoods all over this country.  And, how Corporate America, in their slavering over the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” movement have shown that they just want to appease the Race Hustlers, and are willing to teach their own employees to hate each other, and themselves, purely based on the color of their skin.

Well, those big national corporations are going to find out that this particular Beast cannot be appeased, because whatever they do, it will never be enough.  The “Diversity” movement is on the way to dividing this country into dozens of warring factions, which will do Nothing to improve the lives of the Blacks in America.

And the current government of America has shown since Day One that their concept of “diversity” only includes skin color.  The president has appointed a wide variety of POC Leftists to all branches of the government-people whose goal in life is the enslavement of white people, to “get back at” them for their previous oppression of their black neighbors; never mind that all that oppression ended over 60 years ago.  They want “reparations” for slavery that ended 150 years ago!  NONE of the white people alive today had anything to do with slavery, and most of them had no ancestors who had anything to do with slavery either.  Our government is willing and ready to tear this nation apart, to achieve what?  Their Domination, and Absolute Power.



5 thoughts on “Diversity…Divides

  1. Judy Campbell

    Critical race theory reminds me of some old neighbors of my parents. The town I grew up in was made up mostly of people whose grandparents had emigrated to America from various places in Europe. In my case, all 4 of my grandparents came from Ireland. All 4 of them died before I was born. There was an old Irish couple of my grandparents’ generation who lived on our street, and they doted on us. This couple was the closest thing to having grandparents that I had ever known, and as a small child, I loved spending time with them. Until one day, the gentleman decided that I was old enough for him to tell me what he really thought. I was 8 or 9 at the time, and I listened in shock and dismay as he explained to me that I should never trust anyone who wasn’t of Irish descent. Most of my friends were not Irish; most of my parents’ friends were not Irish either, and I knew that my parents totally disagreed with what this man was saying. I was raised to respect and venerate my elders-and the older they were, the more you were supposed to respect and venerate them. I didn’t respond to what this man said in any way. I just remained totally silent, but I went home and told my Dad about it. My Dad became extremely irritated with this man, and my Dad said that this man had gotten off the boat 50 years ago and hadn’t changed a bit since then. But they were our neighbors, they were elderly, their own children didn’t come around very often, so my parents never cut them off, and never forbade us from visiting with them.

    But the thing was, once I figured out that the only reason this couple associated with us was because of Ireland, I didn’t want to visit them anymore. I was crushed. I had really kind of thought of them as grandparents, but they didn’t view me or anyone as an individual. It was awful. All I was to them was a lump of Irish flesh. When I figured that out, I lost all interest in them. I still have an empty feeling when I think about it. What could have been something so beautiful was destroyed by ethnic prejudices.

    Critical race theory is racism, and racism is child abuse, even when the racism seems to favor the child’s race, or ethnicity or whatever. Kids aren’t stupid. No child wants to be viewed as nothing more than a member of an ethnic group. That isn’t love, and kids know it.

    It turns out, this man did the same thing with my brother, who was also horrified. Years later, we were laughing about it, and my brother said to my Dad, “That guy was such a bigot. Why did you let us hang around with him?” My father immediately responded, “Because I wanted you to know what bigotry looks like.”

    Those who push Critical race theory have taken something that was archaic 50 years ago, and they are making it current again.

      1. Judy Campbell

        Well, he went into some detail about his ideas of various ethnic groups. It was all very horrifying. I just listened in horror. If I had asked him, he would have gone on even more of a racist bender. Now that I think of it, the real question was, what the hell was he doing in America if he felt that way? Why didn’t he just stay in Ireland? It didn’t occur to me to ask that question, and even if it had occurred to me, I wouldn’t have, because at that age, I couldn’t cope with the idea of challenging an elderly person.

  2. Flicker

    Reading this sad account of irrationality, I guess I might as well put in my two cents.

    I’m not much of a world traveller, but I’ve been to I guess more than two dozen countries, and I’ve seen I think more than that number of distinct and fairly recognizable racial groups.

    I know that these are localized groups with similar genetic heritage, and I know there is significant interbreeding at the borders of from one country to the next, and I know that many groups look very similar to the Western eye. But these are recognizable groups that if you were to walk around the world from town to town you would never see any distinct changes or groups, but rather a gradual gradation or transition from one look to the next.

    One thing I do miss? Traditional cultural garb. Just about every country wears the same clothes: Western suit and tie and European dresses and pants suits. Everywhere.

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