Conspiracy Theory no longer? Classified report says that Wuhan Coronavirus might have originated in Communist Chinese Lab!

Well, well, well, a Mainstream Media outlet (KOMO in Seattle/Sinclair Broadcasting) may just have engaged in some actual Journalism for a change.  This morning, at the top of their Web site, there is a story entitled Classified Study finds that Covid-19 could have originated in Chinese Lab.

Now, this is a very intriguing story, as the Powers That Be in DC and around the world (including the WHO) have been telling us for a year that it was just a crazy conspiracy theory that the Wuhan Coronavirus might have originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the city of Wuhan.  There have been dozens of news reports in various places that have posited this theory, and either been removed by Big Social Media, or simply ignored.  Over on Ricochet, more than one scientifically-inclined member has posted on this issue, citing trustworthy references.  Here are some stories about the possible origin of the deadly virus that originated somewhere in Communist China.

Chinese virologist claims virus escaped from lab

Growing body of evidence indicates virus escaped from Chinese lab

US, Canada funded lab in China eyed as likely source

Most of the other mainstream media will suppress this story, or deny its legitimacy completely.  Don’t let them do it. Disseminate this story far and wide.  Finally, the real story will come out, and we can direct our efforts at the real enemy, Communist China.

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