A graphic to go with RushBabe’s Rant #1

I am Sick and Tired of constantly being implored to Wear A Mask, Social-Distance, and Stay Home!

No, No, A Thousand Times NO!


This is Wrong in so many ways!  Wearing a mask does NOT stop a virus!  The pretty masks shown on the formerly-smiley faces in the ad DO NOT prevent the spread of a virus, which is so tiny that it has no trouble getting through that fabric.

Most people are NOT INFECTED, so wearing a mask is worse than useless!  It does prevent the wearer from breathing freely, and does capture the wearer’s breath, with everything carried on that breath, like last night’s garlic bread.

Wearing a mask is pure virtue-signaling, conveying to your leftist “betters” that you CARE about spreading a virus that infects fewer than 5% of the population, and has a 99% survival rate.  And also, do not heed the suggestion to make your own mask!  All that does is confirm that you are a slave!  Do not Make the Chains of Your Oppression!

Wearing a mask in public is de-humanizing, unnecessary, and an indication that the wearer does not think for himself, but blindly follows the Dictators in Olympia and Washington DC.  Take off that mask!  Become a Free Person again!

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11 thoughts on “A graphic to go with RushBabe’s Rant #1

  1. elizabeth dunn

    I was invited to a party this weekend and was considerate enough to call ahead and ask if I should wear a mask. The answer?

    “Oh not necessary, because we’ve all had vaxes.” My answer: “Not us. We have not and will not get one. Is a mask still necessary?”

    Apparently not, because I was quickly un-invited- no vax, no party. Apparently the hosts are not fans of Governor DeSantis …

    BTW, not to get nasty, but these are Boomers my own age who are overweight, do not exercise, and eat beaucoup carbs.

  2. No one came to our chili party last December, they were all afraid of catching Covid. I have been fully vaccinated, Hubby refuses. We had such a good time in Tennessee, no masks anywhere we went, except on the servers in restaurants and hotels. And at the distillery, they even mandated masks outdoors. Stupid.

    1. tnxplant

      I’ve enjoyed your posts and photos about your visit to Nashville 🙂 We have chosen not to get the vax after assessing our own risks. None of our friends, neighbors, or family are uncomfortable with our choice – they know we are being sensible. I’ve never worn a mask outdoors and only briefly in places I had to go that required them. And now our all-knowing Mayor has declared no masks except indoors and an hour later no masks anywhere for the vaxed, lol. The big question now is “How will they know?” A tattoo, a passport, an imbedded chip? I hope it will just be assumed that someone like me has had it. And I hope to see all the signs come down soon!

  3. In honor of this I will re-post my admonition to mask on my blog.

    At some golf courses here in Thailand the caddies (AKA candies with an I) wear masks. At others it appears to be optional. No golfers wear masks on the courses.

    Regardless of the mask policy for caddies, masks are usually off by the 2d or 3rd hole.

    Semper Fidelis

  4. elizabeth dunn

    Quotable quote, indeed:

    “I want liberty. Screw safety.”

    I may have to plagarize you RB. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

  5. elizabeth dunn

    “We have chosen not to get the vax after assessing our own risks.”

    Glad to hear your friends and family understand, tnx. The mass hysteria and herd mentality have unfortunately spread throughout my “crowd” and I no longer choose to even discuss it anymore with them.

    1. tnxplant

      I have an acquaintance or few that would be very unhappy with our choices, but I avoid the subject with them. It actually makes me sad to see people I care about so terrified about this. I am sorry that your crowd seems to be in that category 😦

    2. accordion2ray

      Holy moly! I have been disinvited from my accordion group practice because I refuse to take the vaccine. Rehearsal for vaccinated only. I too am sorry to see my associates and friends succumbing to the vaccine hysteria. They shouldn’t have anything to fear from me if they are vaccinated.

    1. tnxplant

      Thank you! I’d love to know how that turned out but can find no news about it online. I think we will see more and more pushback here this summer.

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