RushBabe’s Rant #2 now posted on Rumble (my 1,000th post!)

I just recorded and posted RushBabe’s Rant #2 over at my Rumble site.  The subject is teachers unions, and how they are ruining education for students.  Check it out for my suggestion to fight the unions.  Video will be available for viewing about 15 minutes from now.  Comments welcome, there (preferred) or here!

RushBabe’s Rant #2

8 thoughts on “RushBabe’s Rant #2 now posted on Rumble (my 1,000th post!)

  1. elizabeth dunn

    I vote for charter schools and am wondering why that issue disappeared from the face of the Earth. ???

    This issue brings back a lot of bad memories when the governor of Michigan designated busing in the 70s. I was attending a perfectly wonderful public school but was possibly going to lose my ability to attend it so my mother didn’t even hesitate by enrolling me in a private school. I wasn’t happy because I liked my teachers and my friends but the govt forced my parents to spend thousands of dollars to educate their children when their property taxes were already supporting a world class public school system.

    Kudos to parents everywhere who have the nerve to give birth. It is not a sane world.

  2. And, just who is it that fights charter schools tooth and nail? That would be the Teachers Unions. Government employees should never have been allowed to unionize.

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