Confirmed: Seattle values vagrants and the “homeless” more than Taxpaying Citizens

A couple of stories caught my eye this morning.  The first one describes how a Seattle mom found out that:

Green Lake bathrooms are reserved for the homeless.

Green Lake is in north-central Seattle, and has a well-used walking/jogging/bicycle path around the circumference of the lake.  When I lived in Seattle, I used to take an early-morning jog around the lake a few times a week.  It used to be a pleasant place to go to sunbathe on the grass, when the goose-poop had been cleaned up, but now, Green Lake is turning into a cesspool, like the rest of Seattle.  Tax-paying citizens can’t even use the bathrooms that they pay for, when they go down there for a walk.

And then, on the west side of the lake, there is the issue with the “homeless RVs” taking up all the street parking, and bothering the neighbors with their loud shouting, feces, needles, and oil runoff from the vehicles.  Around our area, it is popular for vagrants to buy a cheap, old RV and use it for housing.  They can move when they need to (when the neighbors object to their parking in their neighborhood), but the junky vehicles make their surroundings into mobile homeless camps.

I really do feel sorry for the citizens of Seattle.  Their city is being ruined by those they elect to office, and their misguided policies that contribute to filth, crime, and junk RVs in the many beautiful parks in the city.   I looked at the list of candidates for Mayor of Seattle, and every single one is Left, Lefter, or outright Socialist.  Seattle will continue to deteriorate, until its citizens start electing people who will be responsive to their concerns about the “homeless” camps in their parks and near their schools.  In the meantime, I stay as far away from Seattle as I possibly can.

2 thoughts on “Confirmed: Seattle values vagrants and the “homeless” more than Taxpaying Citizens

  1. elizabeth dunn

    “Green Lake bathrooms are reserved for the homeless.”

    Ha! This once NYC newbie made the mistake of entering the ladies room at Grand Central. I opened the door and froze in my tracks. Fortunately I was with a NYC native who hadn’t noticed where I was headed initially and rescued me from shock with this charmingly Yawkish remark, “Are you out of your mind?!!!”

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