Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #148: Spots and Dots

Hmmmmm… I said to myself.  This one will be difficult (imagine the Sorting Hat talking to Harry Potter).  What is a spot?  A place (garden spot, a picnic spot); a stain on your clothes or your hand (Out, out, Damned Spot! said Lady MacBeth); or just something roundish.  And, what is a dot?  A period to end your sentence; a part of a letter of the alphabet, made by your “dot-matrix” printer; one of many circles in a pattern on fabric (polka dot).  So I went to my photo library to see what I could find in the way of spots and dots.


This closeup of the beach at Dungeness has rocks that are spotted, and are spots themselves in the larger picture.  No two are alike.

At the Asian grocery store, the coconuts are big spots.


Also at the Asian grocery store, the squashes are different sizes of “spots”.


On our cruise to Hawaii in 2018, spots were often part of the environment.  One of the dining-rooms had a very clever display of artistic plates on the wall-variously painted “dots’, if you will.  Definitely smile-inducing.

spos on wall

There was also a casino aboard, which was open while the ship was at sea.  Spots, Dots, Slots.

spots, slots, dots

The night we watched Kilauea Volcano erupting, I also got a photo of the moon (spot), and I just noticed the ship’s radar dome in the picture-another spot.


A little closer to home, along my walking route, I noticed the dandelions, spots of bright yellow against the spring-green grass.  Sometimes it’s hard to think of them as weeds.


On one of our trips to Leavenworth, the hanging baskets along the main street were filled with brightly-colored spots of flowers.


Early last year, I went to a dinner meeting of my professional association.  In the meeting room there was a very interesting chandelier, basically strings of “dots”, made of glass, which cast a very pleasant light.


Dessert is the final part of a meal, so my last example of spots, is this fancy dish we were served at the Hillsdale College 175th Anniversary banquet in 2019.   The pastry chefs had fun with this one, I think.


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2 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #148: Spots and Dots

  1. A very varied gallery! So many spots – well done! I love the chandelier, and the dandelion spots – I agree, are they really weeds…or sunny spots in the grass?

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