The Health Nazis succeed in demoralizing the population

So that, when they loosen the restrictions on Society, the people remain enslaved by their own fear of the Wuhan Coronavirus.  For over a year, the Health Nazis have been shouting “Fire!!” in the crowded theater of Society, with their Press enablers publicizing the thousands of deaths; full ICUs, lost jobs and livelihoods, closed businesses, closed schools, increased anxiety and depression among children, and deaths of despair (suicides and drug overdoses).

Even our Dictator in Washington State (governor Inslee) has loosened restrictions, “allowing” citizens who are fully vaccinated to ditch mask-wearing in all places (and what does that say about government control of citizens’ lives?).

So, when the Almighty Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxes mask-wearing “guidelines” (which most governments treat as Law), the People are still fearful, even if they are fully vaccinated!  There are stories in the news today, detailing which entities are relaxing their “mask mandates”; and how many local businesses are not relaxing theirs!  Stories of individuals, still cowering under their metaphorical beds, afraid that the Big Bad Virus is still out there, spread by their Customers!  Below are some examples from KOMO today.

Some businesses thinking twice about new “no mask” guidelines from CDC (note the photo of Costco)

Changes during pandemic, new mask guidance, means roller-coaster of feelings for many (conservatives think, leftists feel)

Some businesses no longer requiring masks for fully vaccinated people (note the “some”)

The Health Nazis have succeeded in making many people in America, literally afraid to leave their homes; afraid to be in the same room with friends and family.  I have seen multiple stories in the Wall Street Journal about Americans who are still terrified of infection.  That makes them ripe for total government control of every aspect of their lives.

This Makes People Slaves to Their Government.  This shows that the real reason for mask mandates is Government Control, not “public health”.  And far too many citizens have succumbed to this irrational fear.

One thought on “The Health Nazis succeed in demoralizing the population

  1. tnxplant

    I have a report from Nashville – today we took two of our grandsons to Cheekwood to see the outdoor Lego installations on exhibit there. We spent a little over an hour wandering the grounds and viewing the many trees, wildflowers, and Lego creations. Except for a very few people, no one wore a mask, including the four of us. It actually felt like a normal excursion for the first time since mid-March of 2020 🙂

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