Continuing post: My Mask Journey after new CDC “guidelines” approved vaccinated people ditching the face-diaper

It should be common knowledge now, that the Almighty CDC last week issued new “guidance” (treated as LAW by most governments); allowing those who have been fully vaccinated against the Wuhan Coronavirus to quit wearing masks everywhere (except for public transportation and medical facilities).   And it should also be common knowledge that the Dictator of Washington State has gone along with the CDC “guidelines” in approving vaccinated people to quit wearing masks (essentially canceling the statewide “mask mandate).  Mr. Dictator has also stated that the entire state will be re-opened by June 30 (can’t let those stupid citizens out of their cages too soon, they might be able to get along without the benevolence of the Government).

So, in this space, I will be publishing notes about what kind of mask regulations have been removed, and who still insists on masks.  Yesterday, Hubby and I drove down to the Lair of the Dictator (AKA Olympia), to visit our favorite park, Tumwater Falls Park.  It was a beautiful day, and the drive down was not bad, in spite of the continuous construction zone that is Tacoma.  Now, we didn’t leave until late in the afternoon, and we got there around 5:30PM.  We were happy to see that the park would not close until 8:00PM, so we had time to do the entire loop trail, by the Descutes River.  The park is on the grounds of the old Olympia Brewery, which has been closed for years. Here are some pictures of the falls.  This is the Upper Falls, with the old brewery buildings.

Upper Falls

This one is the middle falls, just downstream.


We were not wearing masks, as we are aware that you NEVER need to wear a mask outdoors!  Sun and wind, both of which were in evidence yesterday, kill and disperse any viruses in the air.  Unfortunately, many people have not gotten that message, and we saw a considerable number of people who were still dutifully wearing their masks.  That included a man, wearing a bandanna (proven to be more harmful and less effective than a mask) over his face, who turned out to be a park volunteer!  Washingtonians tend to be very compliant.

When we were done with our day at the park, we headed in the direction of home, with a stop for dinner, as it was getting late.  We found a Red Robin restaurant right on our way, and stopped there for dinner.  We didn’t know what their mask rules were, but were happy to see the sign saying that masks were optional!  So, I didn’t wear one, but Hubby did, as he has not been vaccinated, and is not quite as rebellious as I am.  However, the restaurant was not quite ready to ditch the mask mandate yet, and we saw a great demonstration of this.


Even their Lady Liberty with her burger wore a mask!  As did all the employees.  Sigh…  A local news site gave a list of which businesses are and are not requiring masks.  As I have already quit wearing a mask at any grocery store (with zero issues), the fact that Kroger is still requiring masks doesn’t matter to me.  Costco, Sam’s Club, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and Sprouts are no longer requiring masks, but Safeway is!  Whole Foods is still requiring masks, as are Home Depot, Macy’s, JC Penney, and Ulta (the facial-cosmetics store!).  On the weekend, Target was still evaluating their stance, but today they have lifted their mask mandate. Yay!

There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for any store or chain to left or maintain their mask rules, showing how completely arbitrary the rules were from the beginning!  I will add to this post, as I go to more stores in my travels around town.  Check back often!

**Update, May 17.  Today, I went to Winco Foods, a local chain, and their “mask required” sign remains, reminding customers that they must wear a mask.  I went in, bought my items, and left, with no mask on, and no employee spoke to me.  Small victory.

**Update, May 19.  Today, I hit Trader Joe’s and Target, which had both removed their mask-mandate signs.  I saw exactly one other person without a mask.  Just last Thursday, I went to Trader Joe’s, and this was out front.

TJs MaskSign

Along with an employee, standing just outside the door, ready to correct anyone whose mask did not cover both nose and mouth.  Living proof that they are the Slaves to Government.

One thought on “Continuing post: My Mask Journey after new CDC “guidelines” approved vaccinated people ditching the face-diaper

  1. elizabeth dunn

    “Even their Lady Liberty with her burger wore a mask!”

    Mon Dieu, je suis désolé pour Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. Quel sacrilège!

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