More garbage from the cesspool that is Seattle

There is a person in Seattle city government whose job title is “Inspector General” of the Police Accountability Commission, and she recently sent a letter to the Interim Police Chief, Adrian Diaz.  The subject of her letter was “routine traffic stops” in the city, and she thinks that the Seattle Police should no longer do them.  Yes, that is correct, Seattle Police should no longer do routine traffic stops for such violations as broken taillights and other minor infractions.  From an article at the top of the KOMO Web site today:

SEATTLE – Seattle police should strongly consider eliminating traffic stops for minor, civil and non-dangerous violations, the city’s inspector general wrote this week in a letter to Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz. (italics mine)

Such stops should be discontinued “for the safety of both officers and the public and for racial fairness,” wrote Seattle Inspector General Lisa Judge, who is charged by law with helping to ensure the fairness and integrity of the police system in its delivery of law enforcement services.

In her letter, Judge framed the recommendation as a “request,” then went on to argue that routine traffic stops for minor civil offenses, such as expired license tabs or a burned-out taillight, sometimes can result in unnecessary deaths – both to motorists and police officers.

Yes, the inspector general is advocating for the Seattle Police to ignore instances of lawbreaking by motorists, because of “racial fairness”?  Just what is she thinking?  That ignoring minor infractions won’t immediately lead to MORE such infractions?  That ignoring lawbreaking will be helpful to anyone?  She is obviously worried that more minority drivers are pulled over for infractions, solely on the basis of their race, and not the infraction.  Which is a bunch of total bullshit.
This is a VERY slippery slope, and just a continuation of Seattle’s existing policies to not investigate property crimes, or remove homeless encampments from public parks.  The city of Seattle is literally turning into a cesspool, with human waste, used needles, and open drug-use on the streets and near schools.  If this policy is initiated, that will just contribute to the quicker decline of Seattle as a place that human beings would want to live.
No Law Enforcement = No Law.
I really feel sorry for the citizens of Seattle, whose cars and property are already at risk-their lives are going to be getting a lot more uncomfortable.

8 thoughts on “More garbage from the cesspool that is Seattle

  1. Sadly all Americans are getting the country the Millennials were taught to work to create. Good on Seattle for getting there first and being that shiny city on the hill that our RINO leadership told us about.

  2. boyces15

    I actually completely agree with her. In light of the hostility towards police these days. I think the police should note the license plate with the issue, pull off the road and simply write a ticket immediately, due upon receipt. Chalk up 3 of them and get arrested.

    Of course, yet again, she is implying that minorities are too stupid to be able to handle simple, basic things like making sure your car lights work and your plates aren’t expired. When will minorities realize that leftist think they are too dumb for words?

  3. smsgtret

    I believe that the operative word here is “Anarchy”, which is what the Leftists have been after all along. Does this “Inspector General” have the slightest qualification for her job other than being an English Lit. or Art History major from Evergreen?

    All over this nation, too many citizens are simply shrugging their shoulders at these outrages and saying “what can I do about it”? It’s understandable, given that the differences between the Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D.C. are virtually indistinguishable.

  4. accordion2ray

    This position taken is bad for several reasons, even if ultimately is not taken up by the police. It reinforces a message that police themselves have not been responsible and that the can’t or won’t carry out their jobs impartially, fairly and professionally, and it undermines support for the police. Secondly, it reinforces an underlying message that blacks and other minorities are not capable of the responsibilities of owning and operating a motor vehicle safely, and also of controlling their behavior in the presence of duly appointed officers of the law. And it also fuels friction between minorities and especially blacks who expect to be mistreated or worse and creates a perverted rationale in the mind to proactively act to fight and resist at any and every interaction with uniformed police officers, which primes every interaction with an increased probability that there will be a fatality, more likely that of the person being stopped who unwisely attempts to escalate the traffic stop with no reason, and also increasing the likelihood of a police officer being injured or killed. Given all of the foregoing rationale, this position taken by the Inspector General can be seen by itself as a action of systemic racism because of the bad feelings and friction it generates. Inspector Judge ought to rescind her recommendation, resign or be removed from her position.

  5. Anonymous

    Traffic stops occasion a lot of violence. Loooong before George Floyd, I felt very strongly that no one should be getting shot on a traffic stop. Why do the cops have to treat someone with a taillight out like a criminal? Lotsa times when guys run and get shot in the back, it’s cuz of an outstanding child support order (which arresting them isn’t going to pay off; they may ver6 well have 2 or 3 baby-mamas after ‘em, no way they can pay.) so yuh I agree with boyces15, nab em with a camera.

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