Yes, it’s about Control now, not “Public Health”, and here’s proof

Finally, our Dictator here in Washington State has relaxed the statewide mask mandate that required everyone to wear a face-covering at all indoor locations other than home; with businesses made the enforcers by threatening them with fines or loss of business license if they admitted people with no mask on.  Now, those businesses may issue their own requirements, but the State is out of the enforcement business (due to new CDC guidelines).

It is unfortunate, but predictable, that King County, the home of the cesspool called Seattle, begs to differ with the Almighty CDC “guidelines” that allow folks who have been vaccinated to stop wearing dehumanizing face-diapers.  Today, the King County Health Nazi, Dr. Jeff Duchin, has issued new guidance for people and businesses in the county.

King County issues directive urging use of face masks indoors.

Here are a couple of quotes from the above article on My

King County Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin issued a local health officer directive that “strongly urges” all residents to keep wearing a face mask in indoor public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

“Continued use of face masks for everyone five years of age and older within indoor public spaces is reasonable and necessary in King County to reduce the risk for COVID-19 transmission until more of the population is protected through vaccination and COVID-19 disease rates decline,”

Another demonstration of how the Health Nazis refuse to yield control of the population.  They had absolute power over every aspect of our lives from March 2020, and they are insisting on maintaining that power until their conditions are met, regardless of the deleterious effects on Society as a whole.  Also, children are much less susceptible to catching the Wuhan Coronavirus, and rarely spread it to others, so why are they mandating masks for little children?!

They can all go to Hell, the sooner, the better.  We are Free People, not Slaves to the Health Bureaucracy. (although there’s some question about that, since nearly everyone I have seen in all the stores I go into is still wearing the mask)

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