The Health Nazis will Not let the US get back to normal…ever.

The Washington State Health Nazis, as demonstrated by Dr. Ali Mokdad of the University of Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).  The title of the KOMO story says it all:

Expect “close to normal” summer but increase in Covid cases this fall”.  

Yes, there it is, the big BUT in the good news story.  The Health Nazis, and their DC leader, the Dreaded Doctor Anthony Fauci, have had near-total control of the US economy and population since early 2020, and like I always like to say, “Absolute Power, Once Acquired, is Rarely Yielded”.  And the doctor named above has been in the forefront of the “never let power go” movement.  We can all see the headlines everywhere, about decreasing “case counts”, and stories of well-run states getting rid of their “mask mandates” and capacity restrictions that have ruined businesses and livelihoods for over a year.  If there is any blip in the “new cases” numbers, the Doctor rails on about how we cannot take our eye off the ball, and must continue to remain at long distances from our friends and family, and hide our faces behind dehumanizing masks.  It is WE who are threatening the improving statistics, by not cowering under our beds and wearing our masks like good little slaves.  And everyone MUST get vaccinated, even little kids who are NOT susceptible to Covid and are little threat to others.

“The problem is people are hesitant to get the vaccines,” said Dr. Ali Mokdad with UW’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation. And it’s that hesitancy that Mokdad says will lead to COVID cases going back up by the end of August going into September in the United States. Right now, with 85% of the country able to get the shot, Mokdad says 30% are opting out and considering kids under 12 can’t get vaccinated yet, that leaves plenty of space for variants to continue to circulate.

“We will have a very good summer,” Mokdad said, “close to a normal summer but winter is not going to be normal and we need to be very careful.”  Mokdad says this winter, if we’re not careful, could lead to breakthrough COVID cases, hospitalizations and even deaths.  One of the larger problems we’re facing right now, to Mokdad, has been the differing messages we’ve heard on mask wearing, indoor and outdoor activity, and when the right time would be to reopen.  “It’s a problem, we haven’t done a good job on educating the public,” Mokdad said.

Oh, give me an effing break!  It’s not as if we haven’t been hearing for a year that we have to WEAR OUR MASKS, MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING, and STAY HOME!  [please note that leftists often say that if the public does not do exactly what they say to do, they just are not getting their message across well enough, when the issue is that the public does not respond well to Tyranny]  NONE of these Health Nazis are losing their jobs, their businesses, their benefits, or their child-care.  It’s perfectly OK for them to order us around, and order us to take the new, not-fully-approved vaccines.  They have been lying to us for over a year about how dangerous the Wuhan Coronavirus actually is, and we are getting tired of being ordered around and having our lives upended by people who do not give a rat’s ass about us.


Thank you to the Babylon Bee for the flowchart above.

And the worst of it is, THEY, the Health Nazis, have prevented the use of life-saving medications that could make the course of the disease much easier for those who get sick; could keep people out of hospitals, and get them back to normal life much sooner.  But those cheap, generic medicines have been withheld from the public for no good reason, except Social Control.  Ivermectin is an old, well-known drug that has been shown to relieve the symptoms of Covid and shorten the course of the disease, but you sure won’t hear about it from the Health Nazis.

So, instead of listening to the Health Nazis, the public should get outside, go back to work, and re-connect with friends and family, without the dehumanizing masks.  Watch Texas and Florida (which has the highest percentage of elderly residents of any state) open up this summer.  Enjoy your warm summer!  YOU can get back to normal, even if the Health Nazis try to prevent you from doing so.

One thought on “The Health Nazis will Not let the US get back to normal…ever.

  1. accordion2ray

    Breakthrough cases were those 5-10% of Covid from the all-too brief trials to determine effectiveness but not safety. Because in the long run, since no Covid shot can achieve sterilizing immunity, SARS-COV2 variants will wrestle with the non-sterilizing immunity offered by the immunizations until they escape either to infect others or attack one or more of the host’s organs. Illnesses from the ‘vaccines’ are increasing exponentially over time, according to a lady doctor reviewing VAERS reporting from Canada. A French virologist studied people becoming sick after having received the vaccine. His study shows that the antibodies created by the vaccines are creating variants that are vaccine resistant by a process called Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Remember antibiotic-resistant staph, or MRSA? Bacteriological infections can become resistant to antibiotics if they are not killed and mutate in the host to something more lethal. It’s what nature does. It’s analogous to what happens in a Gain of Function experiment, only we’re the experiment and our entire country is at risk. There is no reason to continue this experiment for those without comorbidities. Refuse the vaccine. Declare yourself part of the control group who will not take the vaccine under any circumstances.

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