I am a Harry Potter enthusiast.  Big time.  So, I read, and do, all things Harry Potter, including participate in the Wizarding World Web site, which used to be called Pottermore.  When it was originally initiated, the Pottermore site allowed members, who were mostly kids, to essentially follow along with all the books, getting sorted into “houses”, get a wand, etc, and the site provided many ways to interact.  First, the skilled animators and cartoonists provided dozens of “scenes” from the books, and within those scenes were clickable spots that could conceal Galleons, potion ingredients, food items, and other things that would be helpful in the journey to school and for classes.  They also provided a great Diagon Alley scene with shops where you could buy stuff for school, like a cauldron or books, and animals and potion ingredients.

After a few months, it became apparent to me, as an adult, that the site seemed to be having problems with some of the kid users.  It seemed that kids were being banned from the site and coming back as a different user.  The communications lines, based on your houses, were being abused by some kids to shame or slime others, so the Pottermore originators speeded us all up to the end, and then shut the site down.  I was sorry to see it go, as I really did enjoy the “video game” aspect of it, and got a much better idea of why people can get so involved in video games.

Recently, the site came back as Wizarding World, and some of the previous features were updated for the better level of technology, and optimized for mobile devices.  Now, they have feature stories about the characters, fun quizzes to test your knowledge of the Potterverse, and new ways to get sorted into your houses.  Just today, they initiated the new “Sorting Hat” procedure for users to find whichever house would be theirs.  The last time I sorted, I was placed in Slytherin House, which did not really bother me, as being retired I don’t have much contact with other Potter enthusiasts.  So today, just for fun, I decided to take advantage of the new method, and got re-Sorted.  Now, the first screen you are presented with (I did this on my iPhone) is a new picture of the Sorting Hat.


Then, they ask you to enable your phone’s selfie camera and sound, which I did.  The new sorting procedure has a great sound-track, and a series of interactive questions.  I gave my answers a great deal of thought before choosing.  And this time, I was sorted into Ravenclaw House, of which I am very proud.  Finally, you take a selfie with their house background.  I’m afraid I wasn’t expert in placing my face in the center, but I like the picture anyway.


Now, the owners of the site have stated that they are working on new interactive ways for users to do things on the site, and I do hope they bring back more ways to make friends, go on quests, make potions, and have fun at Hogwarts.  I certainly did enjoy the new sorting procedure!  This proves that you are never too old to have fun.

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