It just hit me again…mourning the Great Rush Limbaugh

It hit me like a ton of bricks, and my eyes became wet.  In my email box was something from the Rush 24/7 Web site.  In the email was this:


He is gone, and I mourn.  Just at the worst time for America, when we are facing an existential threat from Communist China (it is now coming out, that the Wuhan Coronavirus probably originated in a virology lab which was getting funding from America), and a similar threat from the corrupt, dementia-riddled man inhabiting the White House.

I fear for my Country, and I mourn the Great Rush Limbaugh.

4 thoughts on “It just hit me again…mourning the Great Rush Limbaugh

  1. Don’t worry RBabe. America’s new class of internet intellectuals will continue to discuss the coming collapse, wring their hands in storied contemplation, and do absolutely nothing useful.

      1. 1. I tried to organize some of the Ricochetti to do targeted letters to the editor and such but was told (before being banned for life x2) that it was a purely a debate society. Agreed, it is not comforting to know they really don’t want anyone ‘on that wall.’
        American white guilt has now reached critical mass.

        2. “Suddenly” the Wuhan lab theory became credible. Imaging my surprise!

        3. I explained all this by Feb 2020 on my blog, and I now know how to be invisible. Just keep telling unfortunate truths.

  2. To be more clear, I had explained the origin of the Flu Manchu by 2 Feb 2020 yet ‘suddenly’ in May of 2021 it has become a credible theory. Too rich for words.

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