Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #151: From large to small, in color(s)

My favorite color is red.  I drive a red car.  I have a red leather folio for taking notes in meetings, a red leather case for my pens and reading glasses, and a red “accordion” wallet, all from Levenger.  On our recent vacation in Nashville, red things were abundant around us.  From the Waterfront Park in downtown Nashville, we could see an enormous piece of public art, directly across the Cumberland River from where we were standing.  The people on the stairs give an idea of the scale of both pieces of sculpture.


No need to worry about the scale of this object!  However, the next red item might be a bit harder to judge.


However, the door behind it shows how tall that boot is-taller than I am!

Also on our Nashville trip, at lunch the dessert on our plates was artfully assembled, including vanilla mousse, chocolate slabs, and a nice, red strawberry and a raspberry.


On our jaunt up to Snoqualmie Falls recently, I saw a large red thing, which is actually made up of numerous small red things.


The big azalea bush is made up of many small azalea flowers.

On our trip to Southern California in 2015, the Orange County Airport has this larger than life-size statue of John Wayne, after whom the airport is named.  It gives you an idea of how big that flag is, hanging from the very high ceiling.  Most important Red, yes?


My second color today is gray.  The rock that I picked up at our picnic at the Picnic Point beach is small, fitting in the palm of your hand.  Scale indicated by the boards of the table it was resting on.


Moving up, that rock came from the rocky beach, which is a good deal larger!


Most of the gray rocks on that beach, however, began life as part of the gray, granite mountains of the Cascade Range, dislodged by wind and the cutting actions of rivers, which empty into Puget Sound.

IMG_1788 (1)

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7 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #151: From large to small, in color(s)

  1. Abso-effin’-lutely gorgeous, Rushbabe! Especially the gray part. I am sitting here looking at the fireplace in our house, unlike the stones on the outside, which are all different colors: white, blue, maroon, black, beige— all of these stones inside are elephant-colored. Just slightly varied s to tone and striation. I praise the mason’s craft!

  2. D’Nanda Panda

    As ever, informative and uplifting, RB! I so enjoy the azaleas – and hadn’t ever seen red ones before.

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