Lipstick on a pig? No, just a tutu on the ugliest dog I have ever seen

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to downtown Bellevue to watch their fireworks.  Aside from this being the first time in three years that we went to see fireworks, Bellevue is known for their magnificent show.  I think due to the still-remaining fear of other people caused by the Government response to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the lawn at the Bellevue Downtown Park wasn’t as crowded as in past years, which was excellent, and we found a nice spot to throw down our towels to watch.  Near us, there was a group of people with, I swear, the ugliest dog I have ever seen.  I think it was a puppy, and it reminded me of Fang, the boarhound owned by Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies.  And they put a red, white, and blue tutu on it.


I guess it takes all kinds to make a world.  And I just noticed the little hat on the dog.  And the Pink Panther on its owner’s shirt.  No accounting for taste.

One thought on “Lipstick on a pig? No, just a tutu on the ugliest dog I have ever seen

  1. Wow. French mastiff, maybe? I’d like to see the owner get a tutu on it when the dog weighs more than he does. How odd. I’ve never really understood the attraction in dressing up one’s pets for particular occasions.

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