Independence Day Fireworks-a real celebration

In 2020, every single town in Western Washington cancelled their Independence Day celebrations, parades, and fireworks shows, due to Government restrictions on “gatherings” of people.  Even outdoors, the risk of spreading the Wuhan Coronavirus was too high to let the people celebrate perhaps the most important holiday on the calendar in America.  This just added to the demoralization of the people.

This year, the restrictions were lifted by our Dictator in Olympia, so many places planned fireworks shows, both to celebrate the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and to celebrate the lifting of restrictions by our Dictator (why do I think the Founders would have been horrified by what our governments did to us the past year?).  So we planned to make our famous chili, which we did, and head down to Bellevue for the fireworks show.  Bellevue is especially adept at great fireworks, released from the roof of the Bellevue Square Mall parking garage.  Attendees can park in the garage, and just walk across the street to Bellevue Downtown Park, and flop on the lawn with a picnic.  Groups, families, and a few individuals littered the lawn, and everyone was having a good time.


Numerous people were wearing their red, white, and blue getup for the occasion, like the lady in the center of this picture.  She even painted her hair!  Unfortunately in my opinion, there were way too many people still wearing masks, even outdoors!  The sheep of western Washington have totally drunk the Kool-aid of fear, masking up wherever they go, even when the mandate is lifted.

Walking around through the crowds, there was a group of people carrying signs, and speaking loudly about how the world was about to end, and everyone needed to come to Jesus right away if they wanted to survive.


I decided that I’d be OK risking the end of the world.  After a while, I decided to take a walk around the park and see what I could see.  Which was quite a lot, actually.  The park has a big waterfall/fountain in the center, and I have always liked watching the unusual water feature.


Around the end of the pool, I watched two female mallard ducks, and their eight ducklings swimming around.


I also got some video, and you can find it here, on my Rumble site.

Finally, it got dark enough for the fireworks, around 10:00PM.  I really love the dark-blue sky, just before total darkness.


The fireworks were as spectacular as promised, even if a little late.


I am continually amazed at the great video I can take with my little iPhone XR.  I can hardly wait for the new models to be released this year, so I can upgrade to a phone with a better camera.  I also took a bunch of video, which you can find here, and here.

We were thankful that the fireworks happened this year. The people need to be able to celebrate the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth.

One thought on “Independence Day Fireworks-a real celebration

  1. accordion2ray

    Worth mentioning is Seattle did not hold its own fireworks celebration this year. But Bellevue’s was awesome, even without any music.

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