Is your life under the total control of Government?

When the Government tells you that you will be required to wear a mask over your face whenever you are indoors in a public place?  When “all health leaders” state that everyone over age two must wear a mask indoors, do you willingly comply?  If so, why do you comply?  Do you think that the government is issuing its decrees “for your own good, to keep you safe from the Wuhan Coronavirus?”  If you agree that masks should be mandatory, do you ever look at the real scientific data on mask-wearing?  Do you even check on the mask mandate from July of 2020 until just recently, and ask if mandatory mask-wearing reduced the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus (hereafter to be referred to as the CCP Virus, since the Chinese Communist Party built it and released it on the world)?  By the way, it manifestly did NOT.  All last year and into this year, the press published the data every single day:  300 new cases reported yesterday.  700 new cases reported today.  650 new cases reported from the weekend.  And on, and on.

Would you perhaps be a little less fearful of the virus, if you knew that there were at least two medicines which have been shown to reduce the duration and symptoms of Covid?  Might the dreaded CCP Virus be a little less threatening, if you knew you could be easily treated at home, recover faster, and totally avoid hospitalization?  Well, the Government, which is in thrall to the Big Pharma companies (Fauci himself has a financial interest) whose research they funded, forbids those medications, due to the requirement that there be no effective treatment, in order to have an emergency approval of the vaccine.  The old, inexpensive, readily-available drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, have been shown to reduce symptoms and duration of Covid-19, at a very low cost.  My advice is to ask your doctor, and maybe get a prescription for one or both drugs ahead of time.  And you will have to insist, because your doctor will probably refuse at first.  If that happens, find another doctor.

Thousands of citizens of my state still wear masks everywhere, and especially mask their children.  I found this meme on a web site I pay attention to.


Our Superintendent of Public Instruction says that the CCP virus will only get worse unless we require masks on everyone, and vaccination for all staff and teachers.  Just in case you are not aware, the emergency-approved “vaccines” are still experimental.  There is a Federal law against requiring a person to submit to an invasive experimental medical procedure as a condition of employment.  It is Illegal for the Government or any private entity to require an employee to divulge his medical information/status, or require him to submit to vaccination with an experimental drug.

I sincerely hope that my readers are prepared to defy ALL new “mask mandates” wherever they appear.  If a business owner wants you to wear a mask in his store, it is your duty to remind him that you are a free person, and you do not submit to the decrees of the Health Nazis.  Ask if the business owner still wants you as a customer.  If so, then you may refuse to wear a mask indoors.   Defy Medical Tyranny.  Act like a Free Person, and not a cowed subject of the Health Nazis.  If I, an old lady, can defy medical tyranny, surely you can too!

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