Seattle has a big choice to make in the election for City Attorney-the stark contrast between the two candidates is remarkable.

I could not believe this myself, when I read an article on the city attorney race in Seattle.  The incumbent, Pete Holmes, has had a great effect on the city.  He has released violent felons with no bail, allowed frequent offenders to stay out of prison, and refused to prosecute rioters and destroyers of city and private property.  It is well-known that the government of Seattle is Far Radical Left, with all the consequences.  Downtown is a hellhole, with boarded-up businesses, graffiti, and unrepaired riot damage.  Homeless camps are everywhere, including on the grounds of public schools, and across the street from the County Courthouse.

The two candidates could not be more different.  They also are both female.  

Ann Davison is that extremely rare bird, an actual conservative.  If she is elected, her plans include fixing the city attorney’s office, and an emphasis on public safety.

On the other hand, candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy has this agenda.:

decriminalize drugs and sex work, defund the police department, tax the wealthy, and end the prosecution of misdemeanors committed from “circumstances of poverty.”

Boy, am I glad I don’t live in Seattle, especially since Thomas-Kennedy is leading.  The people of Seattle are about to elect the most radical city attorney ever.  They are going to get what they elect.  Good and hard.

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