Note to Dictator Inslee about the new statewide mask mandate. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

Due to the spread of the expected Delta variant of the CCP Virus (manufactured and spread to the world by the Chinese Communist Party), our Dictator has again “mandated” mask-wearing indoors by ALL State residents, REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.  In addition, Dictator Inslee has now mandated that all K-12 school personnel be vaccinated with the still-experimental vaccines.  Unfortunately, that mandate is manifestly illegal, by the Nuremberg Rule, which was promulgated after World War II.  Remember the Butcher of Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele, who experimented on the Jews in the concentration camp?  He tortured them with all sorts of experimental instruments, drugs, and pathogens.  Well, that is exactly what the US and State governments are doing-mandating an experimental, invasive medical treatment.  And now that Inslee is demanding that everyone wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status, what does that tell you?  Doesn’t that say that the vaccinations are ineffective?  Why bother to get vaccinated, if you are still going to be required to wear a mask?  If I had not already been vaccinated, I would refuse to get the shots now.

I refuse to comply with the new mask mandate, and will not wear any kind of mask in any public place, other than a medical setting.  Sorry, Dictator Inslee, but I will never again submit to this kind of social control by the illegitimate Dictator, who rules by decree.  No way will I yield to that kind of mandate.  Any business that demands that I wear a mask indoors will no longer be getting my business.

Now, it seems that some State employees are not happy with the new mandates, shown by this story.  It’s good to see some resistance among the normally-very-compliant sheep of Washington State.


Just wait and see if the spread of the CCP Virus slows one little bit when the mask mandate takes effect.  I predict that the ban will have NO effect whatsoever.  People will still get the virus, get sick, and possibly be hospitalized or die.  And that will show that the Dictators are only Tyrants, and do not give a rat’s ass about your health.

All they want is Absolute Power over the lives of their Subjects.  We are no longer Citizens of a free Republic, but Subjects of Evil Dictators.  We must defy this Medical Tyranny now, or we are lost.

4 thoughts on “Note to Dictator Inslee about the new statewide mask mandate. I WILL NOT COMPLY.

  1. Brava times a million! I thank God every day of my life that My Lady had the incredible idea several years ago that we were going to become permanent Floridians, instead of the occasional weekend visitors up and down one of the most treacherous stretches of the Interstate system, I-10 between Baton Rouge and Pensacola. Little did we know at the time that it would mean that we would be living in one of the two best States in the Union under the leadership of the best Governor in the country who leads as if the citizens under his leadership actually have working, sentient minds and can make their own decisions about their welfare and now, most importantly, their children’s welfare. Thanks for your great posts,
    Sincerely, Jim

  2. Erika

    70 CCP members are on Pfizer’s investment board.

    Pfizer used statistics to fool people, telling everyone the vaccine is 97% effective, when in actual fact that is Relative Efficacy, the real efficacy against “COVID 19” is…wait for it…..0.7%.

    (“Covid 19” are the symptoms..which could be anything including Flu, SARS COV 2 is the supposed virus, which is a computer model and not something they actually isolated).

    I was done complying with Inslee’s BS dictates a year and 4 months ago, when the data finally started trickling out and i realized we had all been LIED TO.

    Put the “COVID DEATH COUNT” into perspective:

    In a regular year:
    750,000 people die EVERY YEAR IN THE US of heart disease
    350,000 people die in the US every year from iatrogenic causes
    150,000 people die in the US every year from prescribed drugs

    Now compare that to the supposed total of deaths from various causes that have been labeled died “WITH COVID 19” OVER AN 18 MONTH PERIOD.
    When it comes out DO LOOK UP ALL CAUSE MORTALITY RATES FOR 2020.

    Inslee doesn’t understand data or he is listening to idiots.

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