Mainstream Media Outlet commits an act of Journalism. Australia on Covid Lockdown.

I cannot believe it, but I found this story on the NBC News Web site.  The story describes the situation in the state of Victoria, in Australia, which has been on a hard Covid lockdown for over two months.  Get this quote from the article:

Sydney, a city of more than 5 million people, has been in a strict lockdown for more than two months now, failing so far to contain an outbreak that has spread across internal borders and as far as neighboring New Zealand.

Yes, that is what the NBC story says.  The story is about the crowds of anti-lockdown protesters who overwhelmed police officers.  Those poor Australians are sick and tired of the seemingly never-ending lockdowns that do not seem to be doing what their Health Nazis say they will.  That is, slow the spread of the CCP Virus.

Wouldn’t you think that a city of over 5 million people would learn quickly that their full lockdown of their residents does not work to slow the spread of the virus.  Don’t you think that they would take pity on their citizens who have been forced to essentially stay under house arrest for two months, to no result?

Obviously not.  Their police are looking to levy A$5,000 fines on citizens identified as being among the protesters.  The Australian Health Nazis are making a literal Police State out of their province and its large cities.  The politicians there are under the thrall of their Health Departments, following their every order, even if those orders are harmful.  Here’s another quote from the article, demonstrating that Liberty is officially dead in Australia.

“We are in a very serious situation here in New South Wales,” state Health Minister Brad Hazzard said. “There is no time now to be selfish, it’s time to think of the broader community and your families.”

Yes, just forget your own health, both mental and physical.  Just forget your finances, diminished by all the time you are forced to stay home.  Just think of everyone else-worry about the so-called “broader community”.  This is evil, since those lockdowns have had NO effect on the virus!  Let the Australian people go!

One thought on “Mainstream Media Outlet commits an act of Journalism. Australia on Covid Lockdown.

  1. The Aussies have really gone round the bend on this. A local council has taken to shooting dogs at the Animal shelter to reduce the amount of contact the volunteers have with the animals, so they–the volunteers–will not be out and about “endangering” others by spreading Covid. It’s insane. And I can’t help thinking that one day, Covid is just going to show up everywhere in Australia (as viruses inevitably do) and in one massive outbreak the population, almost none of whom has been exposed to it, and in which fewer than one in three are fully vaccinated, will all come down with it all at once. New Zealand is just as bad, if not worse.

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