What causes more deaths in Seattle? Covid, or drug overdoses?

According to local radio host Jason Rantz (on KTTH), in Seattle and King County, more people are dying of drug overdosesthan are dying of Covid, even with the increasing infections due to the “Delta variant”.  The so-called human-services department actually encourages drug addicts to stay addicted, by supplying them with unlimited supplies of clean needles and “heroin pipes”, no questions asked.  Drug possession is now a misdemeanor and not a felony, so addicts can use and sell drugs with impunity, and more are now dying of overdoses.  The big homeless shelter in downtown Seattle passes out drug paraphernalia to homeless addicts.

Rather than push treatment on addicts, public health officials adopted a “harm reduction” approach. They operate needle exchange programs that no longer require exchanging dirty needles for clean ones. They used to justify the needle exchange by claiming it helps keep used needles off streets where children could intercept them. Now, they acknowledge they give needles to kids in exchanges that do not require an addict to turn in used needles to receive the new ones.

However, if you are unvaccinated against Covid, the local health agencies make your life extremely difficult.

Meanwhile, if you’re unvaccinated (or even vaccinated), you’re hit with several policies that make living life more difficult. From mask mandates to threats of losing your job, the unvaccinated are targeted and stigmatized. Governor Jay Inslee, for example, baselessly called the unvaccinated middle-aged, white Trump supporters acting as a “bioreactor facility.”

The compassionate leaders of Seattle and King County government do their best to reduce the stigma of drug addiction, but hammer adults who have chosen not to get the new “vaccines” against Covid.  Their priorities are totally screwed up, as are many of the residents of Seattle.

[originally posted on Ricochet.com]

One thought on “What causes more deaths in Seattle? Covid, or drug overdoses?

  1. Percival

    Cater to the junkies → get more junkies
    Junkies sometimes OD
    More junkies → more ODs

    Cater to the junkies → get more ODs.

    Are they surprised by this? I’ll bet they’re surprised by this.

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