Shades of the Soviet Gulag! The Government will inject you now.

The so-called president of the United States, whose mental competence is severely in question, has “mandated” that American citizens must undergo an invasive medical procedure if they are to retain their employment for the government, or private-sector government contractors.  What makes him think that he has that kind of power?  Under the Constitution, he has no such power to require that any American take the “Covid vaccine”, which is still mainly an experimental vaccine.  The Pfizer vaccine that was supposedly fully-approved by the FDA is NOT the vaccine that is being administered today.

And yes, a vaccination is an invasive medical procedure.  It injects an unknown (to you) drug with side effects that have ranged from mild headaches, to death.  Yes, thousands of people around the world have died from this so-called vaccine.  How do you know what is in that shot?  All you know is what the Health Nazis tell you.  Can you really trust them?  They are the ones who literally shut down the US economy for months to “slow the spread” of the Wuhan Coronavirus; that didn’t work well, did it?

In the old Soviet Union, dissidents were thrown into concentration camps in Siberia, or committed to insane asylums and pumped full of drugs to keep them off-kilter and out of sight.  Well, that’s exactly what Uncle Joe has planned for those who refuse the still-experimental “vaccines” for Wuhan Coronavirus.  And Uncle Joe has not only issued an executive order requiring vaccines for government employees, he has enlisted the private sector too, demanding that all companies with over 100 employees require all their employees to be vaccinated.

At last count, the Bill of Rights has a prohibition against “unreasonable search and seizure”, and any vaccine mandate by the federal government is a very unreasonable seizure of your own body to enable an invasive medical procedure which an individual may not want, or not need (especially if he has already recovered from Covid, making him immune).  Below, I am linking to some excellent articles on the unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

American Greatness.



American Thinker.  The article is good in itself, and the comments add meat to the argument.  This might upset you.  Maybe it will make you so angry, you will be ready to resist this medical tyranny.

In my opinion, the famous author C. S. Lewis, had the best thought about the kind of Medical Tyranny we are now being subjected to.  He said:

Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

If you do not wish the United States of America to become a tyranny like Soviet Russia, it is your duty to resist the vaccine mandate, mask mandates for you and your children, and all other Health Nazi Covid restrictions.  You must start thinking and acting like a Citizen, and not a Slave.

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