Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #165: Going Wide (with pride)

I love taking photos of landscapes, since I normally notice the wide view.  I don’t have a wide-angle lens for my normal point-and-shoot camera, nor my iPhone, which I have been using for most photography for the past two years.  I used to pooh-pooh all the people who are constantly using their phones to capture their surroundings wherever we go; but since I got my first iPhone in 2019, that has stopped.  I am continually impressed by the great photos I can take with my phone (and I will be upgrading my phone this year, mostly so I can get one with a better camera!).

One of my absolute favorite photos that I took with my real camera is a picture of the Butchart Gardens, on Vancouver Island.  Taken from the top of a hill looking down into the garden, it captures the fall colors, and the riotous variety of plants there.


This is another view of the garden’s variety of plants.

Valley Garden

A little closer to home, and just an hour drive away, is the Skagit Valley, known for its very fertile soil.  On a sunny day, you can see Mount Baker and the fields of vegetables and tulips, when they are in season.

Mt Baker and Skagit Valley

In 2007, we went on a trip to Israel, with Michael Medved.  One day I took a walk into the Old City.  I stood near the city wall, and took a picture of the rest of the city, laid out below.  This is a city with History.  Did you know, that Jerusalem has a rule, that all buildings must be constructed from the Native Stone, which is simply called Jerusalem stone?  That’s why you don’t see any wood-frame buildings.

Old City view

I also noticed something in the foreground of this picture.  Can you guess what caught my eye?

In 2012, we went to New Jersey, to attend the 125th anniversary celebration for my husband’s childhood Catholic church.  One day, we took a trip to the Jersey Shore, and stopped at Cape May.  Now, in spite of its being October, it was warm, and the beach was nearly deserted, except for a mixed flock of seabirds.

Flock from afar
Mixed flock of shorebirds, Cape May 

I never get tired of vistas of my local body of water, Silver Lake.  With the constantly-changing winds and sky, it is never the same way twice.


Yesterday, Hubby decided that we should visit our State Fair again, to catch the sights we missed the first time.  We had a chance to go into the building where the state Grange Societies had their displays.    Every county has a Grange, and they work to promote the agriculture of their local areas.  Each county has an allotted are to display their wares, and there were a variety of colorful displays laid out.  I could just capture one full display with my phone.


The chicken in the middle is made up of various kinds of seeds!  And check out the farmyard just below him.


I especially appreciated this one, a thanks to our military, on September 11.

And you can’t have wide-angle, without a view of the world from above the clouds.  Isn’t commercial aviation wonderful, to allow us this kind of view of our beautiful planet?



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