Circles and Wheels: This week’s Photo Challenge from Cee Neuner.

I just had to do this one, for my friend Cee, who doesn’t live too far from me.  Circles make the world go round (see what I did there?), and trace the roughly-circular orbits of all the planets and their satellites.  Did you know that the ancient Egyptians did not use the wheel?  They found out about it from a tribe who invaded their empire around 3500BC.  I had fun going through my photos to find all sorts of circular references.

Ferris Wheels!  In Puyallup, Washington; the Santa Monica Pier in California; and the Great Wheel on the waterfront in downtown Seattle.


A rock formation known as a “cannonball”, at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.


Coconuts at the grocery store.

spos on wall

Plates on the wall.  Found in the Asian casual restaurant aboard the Crystal Symphony cruise-ship.


The Chinese New Year display at South Coast Plaza in California.  Circles within circles.

Two views of a circular table I found in a hotel in California.


Circle within a circle.  My bird-bath in the snow, with its blue glass float frozen within the ice.


Perhaps the most important circular thing in someone’s life.  Wedding ring.  It’s a “mini-Moebius”.

And from Merrie Olde England, the circular tower and logo of Trinity Hall College, and the ancient Round Church in the old city of Cambridge.  I took these photos in the summer of 1991, when I was there on a UCLA summer course.

And the wheel of life goes round and round.

Link to Cee’s Original Post.

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