Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #167: Colors of Autumn

Autumn is my very favorite season, especially after this year’s unusually hot summer in the Pacific Northwest.  You could almost say that autumn came early this year, as our trees were dropping brown leaves and dry branches on our house all summer, due to the drought that accompanied the high temperatures.

In the Pacific Northwest, we mostly have evergreen trees, which of course remain green all year.  But we do have our share of fall colors, even if you might have to search for them.  We are fortunate that our home is right near the local water district property, and they planted a line of maple trees to screen the installation from the road.

IMG_0487They all turn that same shade of yellow, and it’s a riot, but only for a short time.

In our backyard, we have three Japanese maple trees, that are normally green, or dark maroon.  For a short time in the fall, they all turn a beautiful shade of bright red.  It’s miraculous that they all turn at the same time, and the change is nearly instantaneous.  It’s always a happy surprise to look out the back windows and see them.

One day when I went out the front door, I saw that the wind had left a present on my doorstep.  It was so pretty, I just had to take its picture.


The colors of autumn also show up in other places, like at the grocery store.  This big box of squashes is sure colorful!  It’s too bad about the little stickers.


I guess I am just attracted to red things.  This wall of autumn ivy at a local shopping mall just screams “autumn” to me!


Fall colors aren’t just foliage.  The light itself changes, when the sun is lower in the sky.


I guess we in the Northern Hemisphere are lucky to have distinct seasons, with the length of days varying.  I welcome Autumn every year, and so should everyone (in my opinion).

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