Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #166: Artificial Light

In our technological world, we beat back the darkness with copious artificial light, enabling us humans to utilize 24 of the 24 daily hours we are given.  In fact, there are groups who mourn the zillions of lumens of artificial light that our civilizations pour into the sky.  Personally, I prefer to celebrate the fact that we can see our way wherever we go after dark.

In years past, Hubby and I would drive up to Leavenworth, Washington’s Bavarian Village, every year around Christmas time, to see the tree-lighting ceremony, and admire the beautiful lights on all the downtown Bavarian-style buildings.

These pictures are all from previous years, as 2020 was a total bust due to government restrictions on individual liberty due to the CCP Virus.

Our neighbors did illuminate their homes last year, however, and we took a walk around the neighborhood, admiring all the light displays.

Another artificial-lighting situation that I know we all love and look forward to each year, is the Independence Day fireworks.  This year, the city of Bellevue put on an excellent show, and I had lots of fun taking both still photos and videos of the spectacular show.  With my phone!


Please, do visit my Rumble site and take a look at this video.

In 2017, we went to Arizona for a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar, and visited a local shopping mall.  I always look up, and when we were in the outdoor plaza, the sight of a group of illuminated palm trees made a very intriguing pattern against the dark sky.


Everyone loves the rides at an amusement park, or state fair, and I am no exception.  In 2019, on a trip to California, we lingered on the Santa Monica Pier after dark.  The rides came alive against the dark background.

This year, we went to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup twice, and the second time we stayed until after dark.  This ferris wheel changed colors as it spun around, and I took video for Rumble.


Artificial light enables us to see in the dark, and makes it less fear-inducing.  So, get out there and find the illumination!

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