A pithy statement from the President of Hillsdale College

Yesterday, Hubby and I went to Bellevue, to a reception for Hillsdale College.  There were hors d’oeuvres beforehand, then a talk by my hero, Dr. Larry Arnn, then a dessert buffet later.  Dr. Arnn was supposed to be speaking about the issue on most of our minds, education and American politics.  We knew the minute we walked into the hotel lobby that we were in for a treat; despite the statewide “indoor mask mandate” from the Dictator in Olympia, the attendees of the Hillsdale reception broadcast that they are Free People.  Only a handful of the people there were wearing masks.

First there was a great video, featuring the students and leaders (faculty and staff) of the college, which brought home again the fact that Hillsdale remains the premier institution of real Higher Education in America.  It is an institution that really educates all its students in the Liberal Arts, preparing them for real life; not coddling them with “safe spaces”, but educating them to be Citizens of the Greatest Country on God’s Green Earth.

Next, Dr. Arnn gave a speech about what is going on today in higher education.  His description in that speech conveyed, perfectly, the state of his industry.

The College is Well.  The Nation is Hell.

And that is all that needed to be said.  In the rest of his speech, he detailed for us all the actions Hillsdale took over the past 18 months to demonstrate that Hillsdale remains a bastion of Individual Liberty in this country.  He urged us all to fight, with all our hearts and souls, the creeping Tyranny that is ruining the lives of all Americans everywhere.  He gave us all a boost of courage to go on with our lives, and to become happy warriors against all the tyrannical actions being let loose upon us by our so-called government.

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