Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

I learned a long time ago to pay attention to even the ordinary objects around me, which can become extraordinary if you photograph them the right way.  Even a russet potato looks interesting, with the brightly-colored background.


When Hubby and I were in Michigan last month, we had meals in a big dining-room, with many round tables filled with Hillsdale College supporters.  When I finished eating, and had time to gaze around me, I saw some very ordinary objects right on the table in front of me.  Like this water goblet.  I was struck by the shadows of the goblet, which looked like a flower on the white tablecloth.


At one of the receptions we went to while there, there was a dessert buffet after the last lecture.  I just had to capture what I thought was the cutest little dessert!  The little box containing chocolate mousse and a teensy spoon was just the right tiny taste of heaven.


When I go to a beach, I always look down at the sand beneath my feet.  Yes, it’s just rocks and seaweed, but the rocks have different textures and colors.  And the beaches have entirely different configurations, based upon which kind of terrain was washed down by rivers.


This Columbia River beach was contributed by the columnar basalt cliffs that line the gorge.

1965-crab shell

The Puget Sound beach above is made up of granite from the Cascade Mountains.  I thought the crab shell made a nice pop of color.

Like Tina, I love going to the market, especially our local Asian market, which has all sorts of unusual vegetables, some I have never even heard of, much less eaten.  The market makes a huge effort to stack everything just so, to make a display pleasing to the eye.


Those vegetables look so inviting, and I liked the way the store stacked them differently.  Ordinary things, presented in an extraordinary way.

In my own kitchen, I am always keeping my eyes open to spot everyday beauty.  A pot of Singapore-style Curry on the stove made an intriguing pattern.


How often do you make spaghetti?  Hubby makes the pasta while I make the sauce, and he likes to measure the spaghetti exactly.  Here’s where he put the dried strands, while the water was heating up.


I do have to say that I wouldn’t have gotten any of the photos above, if I hadn’t had my trusty iPhone at hand.  My XR gets very good photos, but I am really looking forward to putting my new iPhone 13 Pro through its paces.  I think its three cameras, including telephoto, will get me much better pictures.  I just love having a good camera with me everywhere I go, just to capture those “ordinary” objects all around me.

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One thought on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

  1. Beautiful photos you selected as a response to the challenge. Perfect illustrations of how you can find beauty in the most ordinary of things: a potato, a kitchen counter in the middle of work, the patterns of light from water in a glass, industrially mass produced containers and spoons or farmers’ produce. I think I love most the brilliant swirls of colour in the curry pot, and the patterns of shadow and refraction of the glass of water.

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