Maybe some Americans aren’t the Sheep we think they are-fighting vaccination mandates Updated October 11

Everyone should be aware of the two huge issues in the news lately.  One is the cascade of “worker shortages” everywhere, from local bars and restaurants to big airlines, delivery services, and trucking lines.  Everyone is having trouble hiring enough workers, now that things are opening up everywhere after government closures of businesses due to the CCP Virus.

The other issue is the many, and increasing, “vaccination mandates” issued by Health Nazis all across America.  State and county “Health” departments are issuing orders requiring medical workers and other government employees to be vaccinated against the CCP virus if they wish to maintain their employment.  This, in the face of the bare facts that NO vaccine currently in use has been fully FDA-approved (and, no, the Pfizer vaccine recently advertised as having been approved is NOT the actual vaccine being administered).

Just today, on a local web site, is a story about the Washington State Ferry system, which has had to cancel many sailings in the Puget Sound area, due to the intersection of the two issues related above.  For years, they have had difficulty finding workers to staff all the positions needed to run a big car ferry boat, nearly around-the-clock.  Young people are not choosing maritime careers, in favor of desk jobs; so the ferries have been somewhat short-staffed anyway.  Then comes the CCP Virus pandemic, which has adversely affected the ferry system in more than one way.  First, of course, workers get infected, or get exposed to someone infected, and they cannot work.  And then, there are the other issues.  Here are quotes from the article.

Our goal was to look at the ferry system holistically,” Barkis told MyNorthwest. “How do we hire people, how do we get them trained, what are our costs going to be, how do we deal with attrition, how do we deal with a changing labor market in terms of finding people who are willing to do these jobs.”

Rep. Barkis is adamant that the COVID vaccine mandates are a leading contributing factor in the ongoing ferry staff shortages.

‘Never have I seen anything like this’: Staffing shortages cancel over 140 ferry sailings on Friday

“The overarching effect of the mandate is quantitative,” Barkis continued. “If with this mandate you have 20 of 30 that refuse to get the vaccine and are fired, you have 20 less people who are willing to fill those jobs, people who you can’t replace.”

Hmmmm…  Even in the ultra-compliant state of Washington, it seems that some of the people are fighting back against the government mandates.  Some are willing to quit their jobs, rather than yield to the Health Nazis.

Recently, Washington State government employees demonstrated against the vaccine mandate.  Some have threatened, or quit their jobs in protest.  This is totally unlike their normal behavior!  State government workers are talking about ditching their cushy jobs and pensions, to fight what they consider to be government overreach.  I am flabbergasted, but pleased to hear this.  And they are not alone.  Workers nearly everywhere are deciding that the government should not be able to require them to undergo an invasive medical procedure against their will.

Update on October 11:

News has it that hospitals in the state may lose up to 2-5% of their employees, who are refusing to be vaccinated under the Dictator in Olympia’s mandate.

And the Seattle School District may need to cancel a significant portion of their bus routes, due to the refusal of many bus drivers to comply with the mandate.

New York is Ground Zero for such fighting back, and there have been numerous stories about their protests and lawsuits against their government.  United Airlines employees are demonstrating their resistance to the vaccine mandate.  Workers at Henry Ford Health in Michigan have quit in protest.  Medical workers, police unions, ferry workers, and others are all starting to fight back against what they consider to be massive government overreach.  When in history, has any government potentially denied citizens their livelihoods if they don’t undergo an unproven vaccine, and one which has demonstrable side-effects that can include death?  Never, as far as I know.

So, the “staffing shortages” multiply, as workers decide that their individual liberty and bodily integrity trumps having a job.  These staffing shortages, along with the virus illnesses, are causing the global supply-chain to stretch to its limits, and even to break in places all over the world.  Material shortages multiply, workers are furloughed when their factories cannot obtain required parts, and supermarkets run out of staples like soup and toilet paper.  Along with these blows to the workings of society, you have skyrocketing prices for everything from gasoline to meat, to potatoes and paper products.  Every day brings news of new price increases in commodities.

I am very pleased to see how many individuals and groups across the country are fighting back against their government attempts to rule over them.  Maybe “consent of the governed” has not disappeared quite yet.  Freedom isn’t Free, and the situation today means that many will pay a high price for their individual liberty.  What they pay will be worth every penny.

One thought on “Maybe some Americans aren’t the Sheep we think they are-fighting vaccination mandates Updated October 11

  1. accordion2ray

    The people fighting back against the jabs are literally fighting for the survival and health of their communities. The establishment have been blinded by their own rhetoric and do not realize the seriousness of the health consequences to everyone if these leaky vaccines are permitted to ramp up the spread of Covid and other causes of death. It is immoral to continue to insist on mandating this faulty medicine.

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