Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170: Street Art

When my Hubby told me he wanted to drive up to the town of North Bend (Washington), in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, I jumped at the chance.  He had told me about an event going on that involved various blues bands playing at assorted cafes in town-you would buy one ticket for the evening, and walk around the little downtown area, stopping in at whatever places caught your fancy.  It sounded like fun, and I figured we might find some street art there.

Well, it turned out that we were too late to get tickets, but we drove up anyway, just for fun.  Back in the 1970s, there was a TV show called Twin Peaks, and it was shot in North Bend (which became Twin Peaks for the show).  That series became a cult classic, and the town really never let go of its moments of fame.  When we got there, the first thing we did was stop to have a late lunch, and we ate at what was the RR Cafe in Twin Peaks, Twede’s today.  Here’s the first piece of street art we encountered.


On the side of the building where the cafe is located!  They will be a venue for the Blues Walk, and here’s the sign outside.


Never forget you are in the state of Washington, with its ubiquitous mask mandate signs.

Here’s another great bit of street art, in the Twin Peaks vein.


As we walked around town, we did see more street art.


Whoever did this mural included every possible kind of attraction of the Seattle area, including orcas, an octopus, Bigfoot, mountains, a ferry, a raven, and elk.  See the bear and the man in the canoe?  Somehow, I don’t see that really happening!

I thought this food truck, parked off the main street, was a piece of street art itself, besides carrying the Culinary Art within.


This was the best piece of street art I think I have ever seen, any time or anywhere.


Bigfoot on Bass!!

The last piece of street art we found in North Bend was on a transformer box.


In my travels, nearly my favorite piece of street art was a gaily-painted garage door, in the Israeli town of Safed.

Painted Door, Safed
Painted Door, Safed, Israel

That Klezmer band sure seems to be having a great time, don’t they?

When we were in Nashville, I was taken with this bit of alley art, next to the door of a cafe.



I think this mural on the side of a house in Venice, California qualifies as a great piece of street art.  And in the yard of a nearby home…


Someone has a really weird sense of humor.

This is a wonderful piece of real street art, found in Elkhart, Indiana.  That city’s claim to fame is that it is the home of more than one brass-instrument maker.



Finally, the mural at Tumwater Falls Park, showing Pacific Northwesterners enjoying the falls and the park.  Since the park is on the grounds of the former Olympia Brewery, it shows the slogan of the beer company, “It’s the Water”.  Truer words were never spoken.

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5 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170: Street Art

  1. Thanks, Tina! Now, you can look below and tell me what you think about the photos by my co-worker, Shannon. We’d both appreciate your comments on that post. I’m trying to get her to make a WordPress blog to display her work.

  2. Wow! My uncle worked for a brewery (Union, Ljubljana, Slovenia) all his life and he often says that it’s good water that makes good beer.

    As for Twin Peaks, I will never forget how smitten I was after seeing Part 1. And just the next day we had to go skiing for a week to Austria and I tried to set the video recorder to record as many parts as I could but I made a mistake and nothing was recorded. I had to wait for a rerun. 🙂 I love the octopus mural and Bigfoot on bass!

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