Don’t count on the Washington State Patrol for help

Since the State Patrol has just fired 127 of its employees for not bowing to the Dictator’s CCP Virus vaccine mandate, highway help will be a little longer in coming if you need help on the roads.  I was especially taken with the headline on the KOMO story: WSP Announces 127 firings following vaccine mandate deadline.  Does that sound to you as if they are proud of it?  That’s the way it sounds to me.

From the little we heard in the car this evening (Laura Ingraham had someone from the state on her show tonight), it seems that those 127 are not all of the attrition from the WSP lately-many more have resigned or retired lately.  In their attempts to fully control the entire state population, the Health Nazis of Washington are willing to deplete all levels of law enforcement, medical care, and education.  I wonder how many of those leaving will be not only leaving the Patrol, but the state?

Here’s a short excerpt from the KOMO article:

OLYMPIA, Wash. – More than 125 state troopers have been dismissed from their positions following the arrival of Gov. Jay Inslee’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Washington State Patrol announced Tuesday morning it “separated” 127 people from employment who were not vaccinated by the Oct. 18 deadline. This included 53 civil servants and 74 officers. The officers include 67 troopers, six sergeants and one captain.

I wonder how many years of experience are represented in those 67 troopers, 6 sergeants, and the one captain?  The people of the State of Washington are the ones who will suffer with less roadside assistance, and more scofflaws getting away with mayhem.

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