Twisted or Squiggly: CFFC (Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge)

When Cee Neuner put this challenge up, these trees we saw in Maui immediately came to mind.  If you’re not careful, they’ll get ya!  The park had a bunch of big banyan trees that just twisted all over the place.

Speaking of getting gotten, you don’t normally think of cactus as being long and squiggly, but these cacti we saw at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix look like they are eating the trees under which they grow.

When we were in South Dakota last year, the visitor center just inside the border with Montana had a concrete structure made to look like the frame of a teepee.  Twisted at the top.

SD Rest area

And how about the squiggly spider webs on the tree in front of our house.  Instant Halloween!


I liked the curlicues in this metal wall decor, found in a hotel in California.


Are you tied up in knots yet?




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