Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #171-Weird and Wonderful

Lately, a lot of weird and wonderful things keep popping out around me.  When Hubby and I walked over to Costco, six blocks away, a few weeks ago to get a hot dog for lunch, I spotted a large fungus growing in the beauty-bark by the sidewalk.  I have no idea what it really is, but I thought its color and lighter edges made it wonderful in its weirdness.


I feel like this is the kind of fungus that normally grows out of the bark of a big tree, but maybe its spores were waiting in that beauty-bark, for the right growing conditions.

On another of my walks around the neighborhood, I spotted this bush growing in a neighbor’s yard.  I call this “Strange Fruit”.


Right in my own back patio, I spotted an unusually-colored maple leaf, against a background of the cedar scales that are falling all around me, even as we speak.  You should see the whole yard!


Parts of the leaf had turned red, but there’s a section that is brown.  I wonder if that has something to do with our drought this summer-maybe that leaf turned some brown, but the rest red since it stayed on the tree until recently.  Botanists is my audience?  Does anyone have a guess?

Weird and wonderful things don’t have to be plants.  I just guffawed when I saw this sign at a local shopping center.


Drive-thru spark plugs?

And sometimes, even people can be both weird and wonderful.  This gentleman whom I met on the sidewalk in Nashville, allowed me to take his picture.  He had such a pleasing smile on his face, and seemed very happy.


Finally, back to the vegetable world.  This fruit, related to a lemon, has to be one of the weirdest fruits created by God.


Note to Tina Schell.  All these photos were taken with my iPhone XR, which only had one simple camera.  I think these photos are very good.  Now, I have an iPhone 13 Pro, and below is a picture I took with it, exactly a week ago today.

Lighted tree

Weird, and quite wonderful!


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3 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #171-Weird and Wonderful

  1. Well – a great gallery of weirdness indeed! Loved especially that fungus, so beautifully coloured. Yes – I also thought they belonged to trees… Your fruits are strange too – but really wonderful. My favourite still, is the smiling man – what a happy guy!

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