Autumn Colors at Our House

We live in the Pacific Northwest, not normally a big place to see fall colors, since we have more evergreen trees than deciduous ones.  But right here at our house, our trees are showing some interesting color patterns this year.

We have a pear tree in front of the front door.  It leans slightly, due to the fact that it was nearly knocked over by a big tree that fell across the yard in a big windstorm in 2015.  It recovered nicely from losing a branch.  This year, it is turning colors unevenly-there are still green leaves hanging on, along with the ones that are now various shades of red and brown.  I think it’s a very pleasing combination.


You can see how it leans.  Here’s a closer-up shot.


In the back, we have two big vine maple trees that are also turning color unevenly.  I took this from the bedroom window on the second floor.  From above!


At least everything is getting watered again, by Mother Nature.  This summer’s drought was a stressor for all of us, including the plants and trees.

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