One-photo Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #172-A day in my week

Since my weeks lately have been consumed by work, this week’s challenge will be only one photo.  I get to work at 7:00AM, and this morning I noticed the moon in the sky above the building where I work.  I pointed my new iPhone 13 Pro, and let it take the picture.  The photo has the expected halo, but I thought it turned out pretty well.


I also noticed a bright star, or maybe a planet, just up and to the left of the moon.

The rest of my days I am not allowed to photograph, as the parts made in that building are all military and subject to strict export regulations.  That’s the worst part of this job-I would just love to show you the industrial art manufactured in this building, but I can’t.  Well, that’s life, I guess.

Link to Amy’s Original Post.

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